6 Things You Taught Us During Acne Awareness Month

Extra long clap for these excellent Acne Awareness Month commenters.

In case you didn't notice, or if you’re a first-time reader of xoVain (welcome!), we’ve been doling out acne tips, tricks, hacks, cheats, etc. throughout June in honor of Acne Awareness Month. Huge props go out to our amazing editors and writers, who laid their souls--and their skin--bare (read: before AND after pics) for the greater good. And as always, the xoVain community came through with insightful comments and a few tips and tricks of their own.

Here, six comments that stuck with us:

1. "Delickwent" gave us this amazing tip in the comments of Wendy's post on bad skincare habits, one of which is sleeping on a dirty pillowcase.

"Back when I had more frequent acne, I used the T-shirt trick for pillow cleanliness. Night 1: take clean T-shirt, put it on pillow. Sleep. Night 2: turn pillow around. Sleep. Night 3: take T-shirt off pillow, turn inside-out and put on pillow again. Sleep. Night 4: turn pillow around. Sleep. Night 5: toss T-shirt into laundry, get fresh T-shirt, repeat process. Fresh pillowcase every night with minimal laundry-doing!" -- Delickwent

2. "Qu’est que c’est what?!" suggested Vitamin A as a natural supplement for clearer skin in the comments of Anne-Marie’s post on Retin-A.

“You can take a daily vitamin A supplement (starting small and gradually increasing as needed; do some Internet searching for [dosage]) for your acne. I did this before going on Accutane and saw good results for a while.”-- Qu'est que c'est what?!

3. "Kirsta" recommended a two-ingredient DIY face mask in the comments of Taylor P.'s post on dry, acne prone skin.

"Whole fat yogurt + turmeric. Seriously amazing. I'm [a] dry skin/acne haver, and this combo seems to moisturize and calm things down when I have those annoying zits that just sit under the skin. Let it sit for a half-hour." -- Kirsta

4. Also on Taylor P.'s dry skin/acne post, "Julia" offered a great way to remember to wash your face.

"The great and wise Caroline Hirons says you should take your makeup off (makeup can also just be any SPF/dirt from the day) before your bra, which is highly motivating! My skin is also dry and acne-prone, and it is always happier when I do cleansing/treatments/etc. as soon as I get home and let the good stuff work on my face a little longer." -- Julia

5. "DaeSelcer" told us about an at-home microdermabrasion product in the comments of Mari's before and after microdermabrasion post.

"The Body Shop makes a GREAT at-home microdermabrasion set. You can even get a one-use try-out package online! It's part of their Vitamin C line, which is amazing." -- DaeSelcer

6. "Amy" told us how she fades scars in the comments of Marci's post on Mederma PM.

"I've tried literally everything on the market for scars. The best thing I've found are silicone scar pads. If you put one on your scar and cover it with a waterproof Band-Aid and wear it every single second of every single day, you'll notice a big difference very quickly." -- Amy

That's a wrap, everyone! xoVain Acne Awareness Month = over. What was your favorite acne-related post this month?