Wake Up Your Skin With A Mask That Fizzes On Your Face

This mask is kind of like champagne for your face, if champagne made your face super soft, hydrated and bright.
Publish date:
May 19, 2014
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I recently went to a beauty event that was a bit different from your typical press day. Instead of a long talk showcasing products, the founder of Radical Skincare, Liz Edlich encouraged us to create vision boards.

These boards--a picture collage of aspirational dreams, no matter how big--apparently had the power to shift our futures, the premise being that if the board was hung somewhere within your vision, somehow the universe would manifest these dreams into reality.

I admit, I was skeptical, but there was no denying the positivity in the room. Cutting up all the Vogues and luxury travel magazines, we were ladies on a mission. Sure, it's hardly scientific, but it doesn't hurt as a motivational tool.

Obviously, my board focuses on becoming a world-renowned fashion designer with Cara Delevingne brows who owns a Mason Pearson brush. Guess which of these things has happened since.

Liz formed Radical Skincare with her sister, Rachel, after Rachel developed sudden rosacea after pregnancy. No strangers to the world of skincare, they learned about the science of skin rejuvenation and wound repair at the University of Virginia Burn Unit, from their father, Dr. Richard Edlich.

After Rachel's rosacea, with no regards to cost or intention to sell to the general public, the sisters challenged a team of scientists to develop a cream that would solve the problem. When the cream worked and friends were singing the praises of the samples they had shared, the Edlich sisters knew they were onto something.

What I also noticed throughout the presentation was that Liz looked pretty damn amazing. I'll have what she's having, please.

Are the products any good? Yes, and they smell like the most delicious and calming orange blossoms. And this was the most fun of all: their Instant Revitalizing Mask.

This mask is kind of like champagne for your face, if champagne made your face super soft, hydrated and bright.

It also does something really weird.

Check it out:

I used a bit too much here--I thought it would be easier for the camera to pick up the popping effects this way (my wallet weeps at this loss)--but you get the idea.

Its active ingredients are sodium PCA to make your skin soft, vitamin E to fight off pollution, and green coffee, a strong antioxidant. I don't know how much of the popping is a gimmick--apparently, the popping targets areas that need the most stimulation--but the results: gimmicky, they are not. It left my skin brighter, less dull and overall more refreshed. Plus, if you ever wanted to know what'd it feel like to wear a Pop Rocks face mask, this is it.

Here is my face right after I washed the mask off. Unfortunately, the "before" shot was taken in different lighting (that'll teach me to shoot at sunset), so it wouldn't be an accurate representation of the difference. Plus, masks are usually an "in the eye of the beholder" type of thing, since you're the only one who's constantly noticing every dull and ever-growing pore on your face, amirite? Just me then?

Aside from a tiny smattering of post-acne pigmentation to fight off, my skin looks pretty happy. I am also avec flu at the moment, so the mask also had to also tackle the redness that ensued after multiple tissue and snot wars.

Have you tried a popping mask? Are you intrigued?