Quick Question: Would You Use A Single Product To Moisturize Your Face, Body And Hair?

One oil to lube them all!
Publish date:
March 20, 2013
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This morning, I did something I never have before: I moisturized literally head-to-toe with a single product. I feel kind proud about it, actually.

The product: Garnier Fructis's new Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil For Hair, Body & Face.

I already use oil on my hair when it's damp pretty often, but I'm not a big oil user when it comes to my skin. However, I'm a sucker for miracles, as this product is clearly stated to be.

To my surprise, the oil was crazy-light, absorbing easily and setting to a non-greasy glow on my legs within seconds. Instead of pumping out more, I just wiped the excess onto my face. I was able to smooth on my foundation less than a minute later, and it went on really nicely.

So, today's QUICK QUESTION: Would you use this one oil to moisturize your hair, face and body?

Before you rush to answer with "Hell no, I won't put oil on my face," consider that it doesn't have mineral oil, which is the kind of oil that that oil-free things are free of. This is made of avocado, olive, sesame, almond, apricot and orange peel oils, so don't be scurred.