Quick Question: Would You Use A Different Skincare Product Every Day Of The Week?

Also, is "menopause" a bad word?
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May 1, 2013
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As a beauty editor, I have an excuse for not using the same exact products every day. It's my job to try stuff! My business card says Senior Stuff Trier. JK--it says Beauty Director. But it DOES have a picture of Jane Pratt on the back, which is pretty much something I've wanted since I was 12. I WIN!

So there's a new skincare brand called 7 Days of Wonder, and they purposely have a different product for each day of the week. It's like one of those pill-organizing cases in moisturizer form. Or days-of-the-week underwear for your face!

The whole theory is something they call "rotation skin therapy"--sort of like circuit training, I guess? Saturday's formula brightens and evens, Sunday's elumsion protects and repairs, Monday's child has learned to tie his bootlace, etc.

7 Days of Wonder is made for "changing skin," which I'm assuming is a euphemism for menopausal skin, because GOB FORBID WE SAY THE M-WORD. But looking at the ingredients--lots of peptides, botanical extracts, etc.--I see nothing wrong with anyone who's concerned with aging giving these a try.

But is a different-product-every-day regimen something you could get down with? Or to reiterate the Quick Question exactly has it's phrased in the title of this post: Would you use a different product every day of the week?