Quick Question: Which One Of These Asian Beauty Goodies Should I Try First?!

Faz sent me a box of stuff! I'm kind of scared!
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April 2, 2013
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Our beloved Faz is visiting her boyfriend in California right now, but at some point before she left, she sent me a package from her homeland, Singapore, full of awesome Asian beauty stuff that's difficult or downright impossible to find in the US! She says she sent it so long ago that she can't event remember what she included, so I guess it's kind of like I opened a time capsule. Oooooooh!

Here's what was inside:

And here's what the English portion of their labels say (just put one giant "[sic]" next to this whole section):

  • Skin Food Watermelon Mask Sheet (from Korea): "Special food for the skin to eat. Contains lots of nutritive and energetic ingredients such as fresh plants, fruits and etc. to maintain our bodies healthy and lively."

  • It's Real Mask Sheet Chestnut Shell (from Korea): "Facial Mask sheet formulated with real Chestnut Shell for exfoliating care."
  • Lemongrass House Beauty Fool Renee's Blend Extra Moisturizing Hand Cream (from Singapore): "Unrefined shea Butter to deeply moisturise heal and protect, and rejuvenate. Cocoa butter to soften and enrich your skin. Coconut oil to smoothen and add a healthy glow to your skin. Jojoba oil to help improve the elasticity and suppleness of your skin."
  • Lemongrass House Beauty Fool Renee's Blend Shower Gel (from Singapore): "Our vegetable based deep cleansing shower gels are made with fresh plant infusions of aloe vera & cucumber, pure essential oils, and moisture rich glycerin. Your skin will feel soft and smooth."
  • Herborist Lulur Tradisional Bali Whitening + Kiwi Extract (from Indonesia): "Traditional Lulur with whitening and kiwi extract which rich of vitamin C, to moisture skin, make a smooth and lighter skin looks."
  • Sunplay SPF 130 Super Block Clear Finish (from Singapore): "New Solarex-3 technology provides superior photostability, high moisture retention and anti-aging properties." Also, there's cute little leopard on the bottle.
  • Pradasari Krem Mandi Lulur Mutiara (from Indonesia): This didn't have any English on it, so I typed in the Indonesian into Google Translate. "Moisturizes and makes the skin look brighter, cleaner, smoother with dazzling fragrance. Contains ingredients - natural ingredients that you always needed for smooth, soft, and fragrant all day."

So many unanswered questions! Except for this one: Which one of these amazin' Asian products should I try first?