Quick Question: How Do You Hide That You've Been Crying?

I'm asking for a friend.
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July 18, 2013
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I've been on the verge of crying all day. I'm struggling with a lot of things right now. Personally, it's loneliness. Professionally, it's feeling like I haven't given you guys great photos with my articles, and that I just haven't written enough articles that aren't these Quick Questions. Personally and professionally, it's my weight; I feel like it's holding me back in both arenas. It's complicated.

OK, now I'm actually crying. Writing about what you're on the verge of crying about will do that, I guess. This is the first time I've cried at the XO office. No one's noticed yet. And if I can get away with it not being noticed, that would be ideal. Even though crying isn't considered a weakness here, I'd rather not do it within eyeshot of my coworkers.

And what sucks about crying is that even if you get it all out without it being seen, your face gives you away for a while after. My nose will be red and puffy for a while, and my eyelashes with be shiny from wetness, which is much less magical than it sounds.

Annie wrote up a great pre-xoVain beauty article on xoJane about how her makeup stayed looking hot even after she'd been "ugly crying." (Annie doesn't really do anything ugly--let's be real.) But my makeup didn't look that great to begin with today, so I'm more concerned with hiding the evidence than maintaining my makeup.

I've been keeping MyBody Calm After The Storm Eye Cream at my desk for just such an occasion. Seriously.

Even though they don't say anything about using it after you've been crying "Calm After The Storm" just sounds like it was made for exactly that. The cream itself feels cooling and soothing, and the fact that the applicator is a smooth metal slanty-ma-bob only increases that cooling feeling--all very good in the quest to de-puff post-cry under-eye bloat.

And it happens to have anti-aging benefits, too, to help you not cry about looking old.

I'm open to suggestions, though. QQ: What do you guys do to hide that you've been crying?