Quick Question: Do You Have Super-Dry, Red Nose Corners?

Or whatever they're called--where the outside of your nostrils meet your cheeks.
Publish date:
March 28, 2013
Quick Question, dry skin, noses, Aquaphor

My skin isn't very dry. Combination, maybe. But holy face dandruff, Batman, do I have dry nose corners! (Actually, dandruff is oily--but I digress.)

The creases where my nose meets the rest of my face are consistently dry, red and flaky. It's really annoying, especially because I take damn good care of my skin.

So, because I can't stand the idea of being so very alone in this world, today's Quick Question is: Do you have this dry, red flakiness in your nose corner area thingies, too?

Also: Did you notice I didn't post a Quick Question yesterday? That's because Allegra brought her beau, Jared Harris (AKA Lane Pryce/Ulysses S. Grant) to the office and we were all fawning like twerps. (I almost typed "twerking like fawns.")

Anyway, even though I'm supposed to be the skincare expert around here, Annie was like, "Try Aquaphor," so I'm totally going to before bed for the next few nights and let you know how it goes. You try, too, and report back! (Although I've heard this could lead to a little-known pyschological condition called Aquaphoria.)