Lotion Wipes: The $3 Alternative To Bottled Moisturizer For Lazies Who Hate Moisturizing

I could never get in the habit of applying lotion every day until I found this e.l.f. miracle product.
Publish date:
September 9, 2013
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During my freshman year of college, I lived with three other girls in a tiny dorm room. We all shared a bathroom, and I learned a lot about their beauty habits. For example, one girl liked to take the hair she shed in the shower and stick it to the shower wall, and another girl would leave spit all over the sink after brushing her teeth.

Those are pretty gross and I would never do either of them, but one good thing they all did was put lotion on after a shower. Before living with them, I never knew that girls did that. This was probably my first REAL learning experience in college (sorry, freshman gen-ed classes).

I honestly thought lotion was just for when you wore a dress and wanted your legs to look shinier or for when your feet were in a real state of distress. I didn’t know that moisturizing after every shower was a thing.

Since I had been out of the loop my whole life, it was really hard for me to get into the habit of doing it. Now I’ve gotten to the point where I lotion up my legs after shaving them, but I’m still not able to put it on every single night. It just seems like such a chore, you know? Sitting down once my body is dry, then rubbing in the lotion and waiting to put on clothes because you’re a slime monster for a good 10 minutes after--I’m annoyed thinking about it! But I know that moisturizing keeps your skin healthy and young, so I need to hydrate somehow.

I was in the e.l.f. store the other day, stocking up on some cheap-o makeup, when I saw a $3 pack of Lotion Wipes. I asked the sales associate about them, and she only had good things to say, so I picked up a pack of the Vanila & Coconut because I’m a sucker for both of those scents and figured they would smell amazing together (Spoiler alert: they do!)

When I got home, I took a shower. After patting my body dry, I whipped out my new wipes and did a quick rubdown of my body, and oh.my.god you guys, it was amazing. My skin felt hydrated, I smelled really good, AND it only took, like, two minutes tops. Since it’s a wipe and not a thick goo, there was no drying time or stickiness.

Basically, all of my problems with lotion were solved.

I use about two wipes after each shower to cover my whole body. Since these are sheets of lotion, it’s really easy to moisturize your back. You don’t have to that thing where you just slap your hands around and hope you’re covering everything.

The scent I have was perfect for summer time, but since the sun is slinking away, I really want to try the Milk & Honey or the Shea Butter; but if those aren’t your thing, they have a bunch of other scents too (which probably all smell beyond).

Another bonus: These are perfect for travel. I always struggle with how to pack lotion because there’s no way to really seal normal bottles; you just have to hope they don’t pump all over your bag. And since these aren’t big 18-ounce bottles, you can also take these on planes.

Have you guys ever tried these? Am I the only person who feels this way about regular lotion? Should I just buy a bunch of these and spread them all over my bed and sleep on them?