Boob and Pube Lube: Do You Moisturize There?

Go to second and third base with your grooming routine
Publish date:
October 18, 2015
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In my two-and-change years squawking at y’all about oils, red lipsticks, and beach hair, one topic I have seemed to mostly avoid was grooming of one’s private areas. I dabble in both houses of hair care: a bit of waxing usually for vacations, shaving sometimes, but I am pretty infrequent save-the-triangle. That is non-negotiable, high-cut bikini bottom or not.

I’ve learned what whole new world opens up when you take proper care of the skin and hair down there. Preventing ingrowns anywhere I commit hair removal is like a religion to me. If I don’t praise the holy trinity of exfoliation, moisturization, and sharp razor, all hell breaks loose.

But do I remember to moisturize there? Do I even have the right stuff to do it? Nope. I also tend to forget my monthly self breast check, but now I have a cheat for both situations.

Fur is a solution to these issues. It's a pubic-hair and skin-grooming line that is straight to the point while having classy packaging, a discreet label, and effective formulas.

I had a chat with the founders a few weeks back, two sisters and a friend who are taking their expertise in marketing and makeup to bring their original idea to fruition. I think it’s the right time, as the fully bare look fades in popularity. People are in need of guidance on how to keep that hair and skin in good shape no matter what length it’s worn at.

Ever-wary of which scents are appropriate for sensitive areas, I usually just skipped lotion altogether, and the only oil I used was straight coconut, which was an epic fail. I like the Fur Stubble Cream, a whole lot. The cream is unlike any other bikini or shaving aid cream I've tried. It's texture is like a face lotion: lightweight, fast-absorbing, but sinks in thoroughly. I even tried it on my armpit hair, which is usually extremely coarse. It really softened my stubble in between shaves and it was especially soothing during shark week, when you want to sometimes cut off the lower half of your body.

The oil is a lightweight but silky formula, with mild grapeseed and jojoba oils to sink in and not clog pores, along with a well-rounded list of essentials like clary sage, tea tree, and four others.

Boobies are another story. I oil them daily post-shower, but truth be told, I sometimes forget to do a monthly self-exam, or at least an in-depth one, not the quick honk-honk-and-call-it-a-day that I normally do.

I had a lengthy discussion with Folium Skin Care’s founder Natasha Samardzic at the Indie Beauty Expo, and we chatted about the importance of not only checking your breasts for lumps, but in giving them a proper massage at least every few days. Using an oil like her formula, Corset, uses essential oils and a sweet almond oil base to help deliver the terpenes and phenols into the body. She suggests that this massage helps with lymphatic drainage, which can help with general health and systemic issues that encourage acne.

I oiled most of my bod in the past, but now I can literally cover every part of it. Fur Stubble Cream is my new jamalam, though; I really can’t wait to see what they develop next. Since I have started using these products, I feel more "complete" after a good shower or soak. Sometimes we ignore things until they're a problem, and that’s why I’ll take any tricks I can to remember track of my titanos; it’s pretty important to say the least. From giving the squirrel friends an extra in-depth massage to being able to slather a moisturizer on your chocha without worrying about weird fragrances, I’d say it’s time to stop neglecting those areas of your body like I have up to now.