A Post-Halloween Rejuvenation Ritual (Featuring Spooky Products!)

Soothe your body and mind after a night (or three) of partying in costume.
Publish date:
November 1, 2013
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If you're anything like me, Halloween involves partying into the early hours of the morning and torturing your face and hair with various products in an effort to create the most on-point costume.

The day after these parties usually leaves me feeling exhausted and achy, with my skin crying out for a deep cleanse. Basically, I just want some R 'n' R, but no run-of-the-mill aromatherapy-and-face-mask combo will do.

It's the spookiest time of the year! Which is why I present to you a recipe for the creepiest at-home spa day you can bring up. No, I don't want you to bathe in blood to restore your skin (I mean, you can but don't hold me responsible). Instead, we're going to use festively themed products to get the results we need.

So let out your best cackle and imagine your bathtub is a cauldron--just because Halloween has passed doesn't mean we need to be normal (after all, there are still more parties coming this weekend).

First up, draw your bath. Start by throwing in some regular ol' Epsom salts. These will help soothe any muscle aches you may have incurred while trying to do the dance from "Thriller."

Next, we need some spooky-themed bath goods. I'm going with Lush Witches' Ball Bubble Bar to froth up and fill the room with the scent of sage, myrrh, rosemary and clove (to name a few). Then add their Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt, aptly named for the season and previously mentioned in my witchy beauty post. It's full of moisturizing oils and soothing oats to give you the soft skin of a young coven member.

Now that you're hanging out in the bath letting the aromatic steam relax you, it's time to put on your face mask. My costumes always require a ton of heavy makeup, and my skin usually gets mad at me for it. That's where Rodial Glamtox Snake Mask comes in.

Technically, the formula is "inspired" by venom, but it's fun to pretend you're Medusa and you're smearing a mask of snake goo all over your beautiful face. Plus, it's black, so if anyone dares disturb you during your relaxing bath they will be greeted with the shadowy face of a ghost-villain.

In terms of the benefits, the peel-off formula helps rid skin of dirt and oil, peptides help fight fine lines, and amino acids and licorice help brighten. Yeah, it's basically like casting a spell on your face.

So you've soaked, you've mask'd, and now it's time to get out of the tub. Might I suggest you reach for Prada Candy Body Lotion, since you're an adult and not allowed to trick-or-treat (hmmph).

I still recommend though, that after you slather on this sweet and floral and super-silky-soft lotion, you eat some real candy. Because candy.