Quick Question: Do You Wear Pop Star Perfumes?

I'm not asking if you LISTEN to pop stars. What's in your iTunes is your own biznatch. I'm asking if you spray on their holy essences.
Publish date:
March 22, 2013
Quick Question, celebrities, fragrances, perfumes

I don't know why I get so eye-rolly when someone with a top 40 hit launches a fragrance. Just because I don't like their songs doesn't mean I won't like their scents. And they totally have the right to make money off of their personal brand.

I've worn a couple celebrity perfumes. I liked Jennifer Lopez's Still, and I wore Kim Kardashian's namesake eau de parfum every day for almost a year (disclaimer: I got it for free). But it wasn't because I'm a fan of theirs (I'm pretty indifferent about both ladies).

Their fame was immaterial to my ability to enjoy the notes some R&D person put together in a bottle before the respective celebrity said "OK, put my name on it" and then told everyone how very personal the scent is to them. (J.Lo's Still came with a fake engagement ring you could wear, because she was engaged to Ben Affleck at the time. SO PERSONAL.)

Actually, I think that's what bothers me--the irrelevance. Like, why are you putting out perfumes when that has nothing to do with the talents you actually (or, in some cases, maybe) have, or even your physical appearance? (Well, money, duh; but why not hair products instead, Justin Bieber? RELEVANCE!)

So, today, I ask this QUICK QUESTION: Do you wear pop star perfumes? And a couple follow-up questions, if you don't mind: Which? Why or why not? Does it make you feel closer to them or something, or do you just like how it smells?