PocketDerm: The Online Dermatologist That Sends Prescriptions To Your Door

How does $20 a month for a dermatologist at your disposal sound?
Publish date:
October 28, 2014
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There's a new buzzword in the skin care world, and I'd like to introduce you to it today: PocketDerm. I read the word numerous times on my favorite beauty and skin care forums, but I never paid too much attention until a woman posted an impressive before and after of her skin. She claimed it was PocketDerm that deserved all the thanks for her skin's improvement, and I was instantly intrigued. So to the Google I ran.

The skeptical side of me found it gimmicky at first, but the more research I did, the more impressed I became.

For $20 a month, you get to access (virtual chats) to a dermatologist--whenever you want--for skin care advice and prescriptions based on conversations and photographs. Included in that $20 fee is a cream specifically formulated for you, which is shipped as often as needed.

Additional prescriptions, such as the Spironolactone my dermatologist called in for me, are at your own expense.

Dare I say it, the premise of PocketDerm is actually pretty groundbreaking. A board certified dermatologist at your disposal for far less than the cost of a copay can provide incredible peace of mind. With my current insurance, which is decent but nothing to write home about, my specialist copay would actually equal about four month's worth of PocketDerm. However, I'd only get to see my dermatologist once for that amount, which we all know isn't conducive to configuring a solid plan for finicky skin.

The first month is free (with a code), so I signed up pretty quickly after my initial research. I took photographs from all angles of my bare face, communicated my ongoing skin issues (cystic hormonal acne that appears 5 to 10 days before my period without fail) and waited for a response.

I specifically had questions about my birth control (IUD) and how it may be impacting my skin. I was delighted when Dr. David Lortscher was able to address my concerns and provide me with further insight within 24 hours.

Above is the greeting I received from my dermatologist, along with notes on the cream he prescribed after reviewing my photographs and concerns. This screenshot also shows what your PocketDerm dashboard looks like. Notice the "New Consultation" tab and the "Send More Now" tab (for your prescribed cream).

That day, my prescription for Spironolactone was called in and I picked it up from my local pharmacy. With my insurance, the cost was just under $5. Without, it would have been around $30. A couple days later, the specially formulated cream prescribed by Dr. Lortscher arrived at my doorstep. I'm sure that those of you who've struggled with skin problems and finally felt like you were on the right path can relate to the relief I felt.

It's only been a few weeks since I began my new skin care regimen, but I've already noticed an improvement in my skin. My pores are smaller, my skin is certainly more clear, and the cystic hormonal acne I get before my period has reduced significantly this month.

I absolutely plan to stick with PocketDerm moving forward. It's just so reassuring to have an informed dermatologist at your whim, and $20 is a serious bargain.

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