3 Ways To Prevent Pit Stains, Including Pantyliner Sweat Guards

Pantyliners stop pit stains before they start!
Publish date:
March 24, 2015
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What's something almost everyone suffers from but no one talks about? Hairy eyelids! What? Er, no. Sweat patches!

Sweat accumulation can be really embarrassing (read: pit stains, under-boob sweat rings, etc.), but the good news is it's totally avoidable. Here's how I deal with underarm sweat patches--without having to wear white all year.

Be mindful of materials.

Fabrics like cotton, linen, and bamboo are more absorbent and breathable to stop sweat before it starts and lessen its appearance if it happens. Avoid polyester and polyblends, as they trap heat in (making you sweat more) and ensure a one-way ticket to B.O. City.

Switch up your deodorant.

Roll-ons such as Mitchum, which has never let me down, are a good option if you need extra protection. You can also try out Perspirex, a stronger solution applied at night and washed off in the morning. It will change your life! And of course if you manage to find an effective aluminium-free alternative that's even better.

Pantyliners vs. pit stains.

You can buy disposable underarm protectors like the Garment Guard, which stick to your clothing and soak up sweat, or you can DIY and cut a pantyliner in half.

This is a really good idea if you have an important event plus a jewel-toned, synthetic-fiber dress. Trust me.

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