Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx: I Can't Feel My Face When I'm With You, But I Love It

My face felt immediately firmer. Tight, pulling, smooth, like Ariana Grande’s ponytail.
Publish date:
November 2, 2015
anti-aging, firming, Peter Thomas Roth

There are some things in life you may have little to no control over, like government-mandated birth ages, facial expressions, and impulse-shopping purchases. So, if you are a legally aging impulse shopper who has zero poker face, join me in my club and let’s keep each other company. But like all great adaptors and negotiators, I’m coming to terms.

Sometimes, these qualities over which we little to no control coexist together in one beautiful moment. Like after my last birthday, when I thought my fine lines were becoming more telling and I was playing fast and loose with my finances. So, I got a sample-size tube of Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx Temporary Face Tightener which henceforth shall be called PTR IFTFT, because I’m hip to abbrevs and lazy about typing.

I admit, I sometimes impulse buy when I’m feeling sad or unfulfilled—I recognize that. Sometimes, it works against me, resulting in a higher credit card bill, a very fleeting and false sense of personal satisfaction, and a new dust-collecting item. Other times, though, it can be a real pleasure. Cue PTR IFTFT.

"It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintenance, PTR IFTFT," I lovingly whispered to my new sample-sized friend in the comfort of my own home, alone, like a creep. And like a strong, silent man who has nothing to prove, it said absolutely nothing back. And, ya know what? I’m fine with that, because if actions speak louder than words, this product does not need to talk at all.

It claims to instantly firm, tighten, and lift facial skin while filling in fine lines and expression lines.

So, how did it work for me?

I love it.

I washed my face, patted dry, put on a thin layer of my facial serum and moisturizer, per usual. I let that dry, then put just a dab of the PRT IFTFT on my fingertips and spread it on my face where I believe I need the most help in the lines and tightening department.

Admittedly, I don’t have a lot of fine lines showing as of now. I do have slight laugh lines and heavy, saggy eyelids. Ugh, saggy—such a gross word, right? The word itself even looks visibly tired and lazy, like a petulant five year old trying to carry a twenty-pound bag of rice, but the bag keeps draining through the kid's arms.

Anyway, it’s recommended to shake the bottle first, which, honestly, the packaging does not make this feel natural, but I do it anyway. After putting a thin layer on clean, dry skin, I make zero expressions for about five minutes. I usually lie back in bed close my eyes and practice how to look detached and cool. Perfect.

You can instantly feel it tightening. Like right away—instant. My face felt immediately firmer; it’s like when I put egg whites on my face as a preteen when I read somewhere that that warded off acne. Tight, pulling, smooth, like Ariana Grande’s ponytail.

I do see a difference in the lines and the smoothness of my skin. It feels much more even, like a flat mesa top instead of the rolling plains. Sometimes, you may deal with a white residue being leftover from where the serum wasn’t evenly applied. I have experienced this only once over the time I have used the product. To avoid this, I recommend not using a lot of the product—a little goes very far with one. But to solve this, I wipe it off with a dab of water on a Q-tip. Easy enough.

This product is definitely not like getting surgery, Botox, or Retin-A treatments, but it can be used for day-long situations. I've used it for a friend's wedding, days I have to go to a lot of meetings for my job, dates that I’m excited about; it relieves some of the anxiety issues I have even if it is not a rational anxiety. If it makes me feel a bit more confident, it’s not gonna hurt.

  • Have you tried any Peter Thomas Roth products before?
  • Do you feel your government mandated age?
  • Are you an impulse shopper like me?