NO: The Perfume That's Taking A Stand Against Rape Culture

Because you can smell sexy and still say "no."
Publish date:
June 21, 2013
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For the most part, the world of beauty is pretty frivolous and fun. I mean, it's a business created with the intention of making you look, smell, and feel beautiful. I don't like to take it too seriously.

However, there are plenty of times when more important and serious issues collide with this world of lip gloss and fluff. Just think of the countless brands who bring out limited-edition products in October with proceeds going towards breast cancer research, or the multiple brands who make it their mission to fight animal testing. The world of beauty can bring some pretty ugly subjects into the picture, perhaps making it a bit easier for us to face those issues, to understand them, and to discuss them.

One of the newest cause-related products that I've been introduced to is NO Eau de Parfum, by one of my favourite indie brands, A Beautiful Life. NO's message is simple: "be sexy, say no."

What I take that to mean is, you can smell sexy, you can look sexy, and you can still confidently say "no" whenever you want to, without feeling guilty. Just as I believe that a woman should be able to leave the house in a mini skirt, a crop top, an exposed thong, whatever, without being catcalled or assaulted, I also believe you should be able to beautify yourself and yes, spritz yourself with a sexy, heady, "aphrodisiac" scent, without feeling obligated to consent to something you don't want to.

NO is a fragrance about being confident, being direct, and about the sexy power of consent. And what's more, $10 from every bottle is currently being donated to RAINN, The Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network, an organization that protects and assists victims of sexual violence. ABL will continue to donate $10 from every bottle to various victim protection organizations for as long as they sell this fragrance, and I think that's pretty awesome.

Now, if you simply want to purchase a fabulous perfume, this is for you, too. Sweet fruits, exotic flowers, pink peppercorn and a heady dose of patchouli combine for a scent that smells like a hippie napping in a meadow on a perfectly temperate summer day. If you're not a patchouli fan, you probably won't be into it, but if you are, go for it. It's fantastic, and it supports a good cause.

Since I've shared mine, what's your favourite product or brand that supports a cause close to you? Do you wish more brands would speak up about what they believe in, or do you prefer to keep your beauty and your politics separate?

UPDATE: A Beautiful Life has generously provided a 20% off code that won't affect the donation amount! Enter promo code 'no' at checkout.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual violence, please visit this information page from RAINN for information on hotlines that you can call for support and more information on how to seek help. We love you guys. Sincerely, the staffers at xoVain.