OPEN THREAD: Do You Like to Watch?

Zits being popped, that is.
Publish date:
February 12, 2016
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I think I might have a problem.

A couple weeks ago, on xoJane, I wrote about my favorite gimmicky Instagram accounts. Naturally, the comment section became a place for readers to share their favorite accounts, and commenter softcastlemccormick said, "I follow Dr. Pimple Popper on IG because it's so oddly, sickly satisfying to watch. Especially when she removes a blackhead and there's a big, gaping pore left over that's now totally clean."

I have to admit, I've always enjoyed making a zit succumb to its oozy, mushy fate — on myself and on willing others. So, I started following @drpimplepopper, aka Sandra Lee, MD, on Instagram.

And guys — I think I'm addicted. I knew I'd get that weird sense of satisfaction — almost peace? — watching regular whiteheads and blackheads get extracted, but I'm even willing and eager to watch her gorier extractions, like the ones that require a punch tool or even the solid pilar cysts (blobs of encased keratin, usually) that often need a little slice beforehand. And I hate the idea of skin being sliced — I don't even like to handle knives.

I can't be alone in my fascination. I know I'm not — Dr. Lee has over 750,000 Instagram followers! But it's definitely a divisive topic.

"i looked adn [sic] now feel ill... oh gosh," one commenter replied to softcastlemccormack. But other commenters replied, "I love those kinds of videos," and "I LOVE them. So satisfying to watch!" and then it descended into talk of impacted earwax removal.

OK, so, I'm going to share a couple of the IG clips here. If you know you're grossed out by this kind of stuff, DON'T WATCH.

In this one, I didn't even see a zit, and she makes a ribbon of pus magically appear.

And this one is a pilar cyst that ends up looking like a tiny unicorn horn.

And this is the gorgeous doctor herself, hiding behind merch. MERCH! That's how many people love watching these videos! And I kind of totally want that mug.

So, obviously, I'm asking:

  • Are you for or against pimple- and cyst-popping videos?
  • Is there anything else "gross" that makes you feel a sense of quietude?
  • Have you ever popped a zit for someone else?
  • And, as usual, share anything else that's on your mind!