The 14-Step Routine That Keeps My Oily Skin In Check

Here’s what I do to keep my skin looking healthy, glow-y, and grease-free.
Publish date:
January 27, 2015
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I like most things in my routine to be as pared down as possible, except in the cases of makeup and skin care. My daily routine involves 11 steps (yes, ELEVEN), with three additional steps added as needed. Here’s what I do to keep my skin looking healthy, glow-y, and grease-free.

Shea Moisture is one of my favorite hair care brands, so naturally I love their skin care, too. My skin has always been relatively clear, but in the last few years I've had more breakouts along my chin, forehead, cheeks, and nose.

When I started using this trio I immediately noticed that my skin looked brighter, and over time the breakouts decreased. Plus, all of the products smell great and leave my skin feeling clean and fresh (but not dry).

The combo of tea tree oil and shea butter really clears up my blemishes while maintaining moisture. The moisturizer was the biggest surprise to me because it is ultra-thick (which freaked me out at first) but it sinks into the skin beautifully after a few minutes. It makes my skin appear smoother almost instantly.

I finish my morning routine with my favorite facial sunscreen, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen with SPF 55. It’s not pictured because it fell out of my purse.

NIGHTTIME: Steps 4-11

This is where the real work begins. I pretty much always wear full makeup, so I need a nighttime system that removes every trace of it before bed.

I use Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion because it’s gentle and not super greasy. I follow that up with Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser, which is hands down my favorite cleanser for cutting through makeup (I even use it to clean my makeup brushes sometimes).

Then I cleanse with the Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel to remove lingering makeup without any drying effects.

The thought of putting serums and oils on my face seemed totally crazy at first, but using these two products--Skin Food's Peach Sake Pore Serum and Boscia's Tsubaki Beauty Oil--I noticed that my face secreted less oil the next morning, and throughout the entire day.

The serum almost feels like a lightweight gel, which is great because it sinks it very quickly. The oil is a little thicker, but I only press on a couple of drops.

With all the matte lipstick I’ve been hoarding, it’s especially important to take care of the skin on my lips. Before bed I exfoliate with the e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator and follow up with the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. When I wake up in the morning my lips are soft, pillowy, and ready for lipstick.

AS NEEDED: Steps 12-14

The last three products are used as needed, usually depending on my breakout situation. I like to use Stridex pads twice a week on my T-zone to help calm/prevent breakouts, and I spot treat with Mario Badescu Skin Care Drying Lotion.

Once weekly I use Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask, which leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight.

  • How many products are in your skin care routine?
  • How do you tweak it when you travel?

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