I Replaced My Cleanser, Makeup Remover, Body Lotion and More With This Brand's Oils

I just can’t justify buying a bunch of products when I have one totally inexpensive and natural alternative, can you?
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April 24, 2015
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I first started experimenting with natural oils last winter, during the infamous polar vortex. I’d tried virtually everything I could think of to repair my ravaged, peeling skin.

I’d completely given up hope until I came across a small bottle of NOW Solutions Jojoba Oil at my local health food store. Jojoba oil is responsible for completely healing my skin when it was at it’s driest.

I swapped out my cleanser and applied about a dime-size amount of the oil to my Clarisonic every morning and evening. It completely transformed my skin and it was cheaper--and lasted significantly longer--than any other cleanser I’d ever used. I've been obsessed with using natural oils ever since.

Over time, I've purchased a variety of oils to try out. Sweet Almond Oil has claimed space on my bathroom counter as my staple body moisturizer. I slather it on immediately after I towel off, especially on my legs, knees and elbows. In over a year, I’ve only had to replace it twice!

The best part about natural oils is their many uses. I stopped buying makeup remover after I discovered a drop of the good stuff removed even the most intense eye makeup. Not to mention the fact that the delicate skin around my eyes feels moisturized afterward--not dried out like with makeup-remover sheets or liquid.

If my hair is especially dry, I apply a few drops of whatever oil I have on hand to my ends and it drinks it up. It really is interchangeable, and if you can't afford to splurge on one particular type of oil, you can go for something else more comfortable for your budget. It's why I've opted for the giant bottle sweet almond oil. I just can't get enough of it; it replaces a handful of products in a way my wallet can't argue with.

[insert image: grapeseed.jpg]

Avocado, grapeseed, jojoba and almond oil are my absolute favourites so far. Jojoba being the most expensive, and grapeseed/almond oil being the most wallet-friendly. You can buy a latte, or you can buy something you'll have for MONTHS that will not let you down. I just can’t justify buying a bunch of products when I have one totally inexpensive and natural alternative, can you?

  • Do you use natural oils for anything I might not have thought of?
  • What's your favourite oil to use?