Open Thread: What's Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine?

Because I'm obsessed with those "get unready with me" YouTube videos.

Confession: I don't really like makeup. I mean, I wear it, but it doesn't excite me; I mostly use it to cover stuff up (blemishes, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, etc.). But skin care... Skin care is my jam. It makes me feel like a million bucks.

In addition to raiding the beauty closet and attending every skin care event I have time for, I watch A LOT of "nighttime routine" YouTube videos. You know, the "get unready with me" ones? (I also love to creep on other people's bathroom cabinets.)

If you eye-rolled the group shot in this article, I don't blame you. That's a lot of shit to put on your face. I don't use it all every night; I rotate. Here's my nighttime routine (sorry for the struggle photos).

The products in bold are the ones I'm religious to and re-buy.

CLEANSE: First I take off any eye makeup with micellar water, then I double-cleanse with either a wipe or balm, followed by Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Foaming Cleanser, which is really gentle and not too drying.

EXFOLIATE: My pores LOVE to suck up dirt and I really like the way my skin feels after exfoliation so I scrub up every couple days. I alternate between a physical exfoliator and a chemical exfoliator. The ACURE one has locally grown chlorella and smells really fresh, and the Skin Inc. one goes on like a lotion and causes the dead skin to roll up into little beads.

TONE: I cannot exist without toner. It just makes my skin feel so, so clean. The ones above are just a few in my collection... The Thayers is my fave, although I love the convenience of a spray bottle.

TREAT: When it comes to serums, I spot-treat: Jurlique for my crepe-y forehead and Elemis for my hyperpigmented cheeks. The Elemis product promises results in 28 days--and it delivers. I haven't found an eye cream I love yet but this Olay one is nice.

MOISTURIZE: I like light, gel-based creams; thick creams don't mesh with my combination skin. Which is why I use Olay Fresh Effects on my face and the thicker, lavender-scented ACURE night cream on my neck. Once or twice a week I use a sleeping mask.

MIST/LIP BALM: After I'm done with my routine I head for the fridge and coat my face in this Sisley mist. I grabbed it out of the beauty closet at my last job, not knowing that it's one-hundred-freaking-dollars-a-bottle!! Then I coat my lips in balm (I have many and I rotate) because otherwise it's chap city.


  • What's your nighttime routine?
  • Got any good YouTube "get unready with me" recs?
  • Which products are you religious to and which ones do you rotate?