Weird Product Of The Week: Pikaturu Hada Face Pack

Slather this tar-like mask on your face for the deepest, grossest clean ever.
Publish date:
February 28, 2014
masks, pores, boscia, weird products, Niena

I'm a pore strip fan, most definitely. Not that I use them regularly, but I do enjoy looking at the gross gunk that's been dislodged from my nose.

But there are times when the nose isn't enough. Sometimes, you just want different parts of your face to get that same pore vacuum treatment.

That's where Niena Cosmetics Pikaturu Hada Face Pack comes in.

This black face mask sucks out all the dirt from your pores (and maybe yanks out some tiny hairs, too) in one swift rip. You apply thinly, let it dry completely, and peel off as quickly as possible, just like a pore strip.

I tend to concentrate on my nose and chin, because that's what gets the most congested, but you can go ahead and do your whole face if you feel your skin type can handle it.

I got the mask fairly easily at my local Asian cosmetics store, Jealousy, but I do believe Boscia's Luminizing Black Mask is very similar!

What do you think? Would you give this type of mask a whirl?