3 Natural New Zealand Skincare Brands You Need to Know About

None of these brands test on animals, and they all have a huge focus on organic ingredients and sustainability.
Publish date:
October 26, 2015
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New Zealand is famous for many things: beautiful landscapes, sheep, Peter Jackson, beautiful landscapes, Flight of the Conchords, beautiful landscapes…

We also, as it turns out, do skincare pretty well. A lot of it is naturally derived, which is probably something to do with companies capitalising on our clean green thing, but it’s a little less clinical feeling than the French natural skincare approach.

My day job may be for an American skincare company, but three of my absolute favourite brands for skincare are from my home country. None of these brands test on animals, and they all have a huge focus on organic ingredients and sustainability.


The term antipodes means a place is diametrically opposite on the Earth’s surface to the point of reference, generally used to describe New Zealand and Australia in relation to the United Kingdom. In reality, I think the antipodal country to New Zealand is Spain, but whatever. All I care about is that the concept lends its name to one of my all-time favourite skincare brands.

Antipodes is a science-based natural skincare brand, which is always a bonus, but nothing goes beyond how good their products make my skin feel. Another bonus: lots of their products come in metal tubes, which gives a fancy medicinal vibe that I’m all about. Their star ingredients are Vinanza antioxidants, which are extracted from grape seeds and kiwifruit skins.

My top pick: The Aura Manuka Honey Mask is maybe the Antipodes product that most people have heard about because the blogging world loves it. It’s a hydrating face mask, but not in a heavy, cloggy way. The manuka honey makes it smell delicious and gives it antibacterial properties that make this mask great for acne-prone skin. I like to use this after using a clay mask to rehydrate my skin.


Pretty much everything from this brand is centred around rosehip oil, or Rosapene, which is Trilogy’s trademarked blend of antioxidants derived from rosehip and other oils. Both Cara Delevigne and Kate Middleton apparently swear by their rosehip oil as an anti-aging, general-skin-improving thing.

My top pick: Everything Balm seems like a very Trista-esque product to me, but it’s Danielle who has sung its praises on xoVain before. Like the name suggests, you can do pretty much everything with it. I like it for cuticles, lips, and for putting on the irritated patch on my wrist that my watch causes. It’s also all good for babies, and apparently you can use it as a massage balm (sexy!).


I first came across Evolu when I was a kid; my dad would come home from work trips with little tubes of their products he had taken from the business lounge at the airport. Evolu don’t have their own ~trademarked antioxidant blend~ like the aforementioned brands, but let’s be real: their products are loaded with pretty much the same antioxidants.

My top pick: The name of the Triple-Action Spot Crisis Control Gel may be a little dramatic, but it’s definitely a functional product. It’s alcohol-free and doesn’t use salicylic acid. Now, I don’t have anything against salicylic acid—in fact, the opposite—but this product seems to work almost as well without it. It’s got the same manuka honey as the Aura mask, in a more user-friendly format for use as a spot treatment.

  • Have you heard of or used any of these skincare brands?
  • What do you know New Zealand for?
  • Bonus: enjoy my antipodean accent in this video.