The Best New Skin Care Oils For Beauty Buyers On A Budget

These affordable and fragrant oil blends really are essential to one's beauty routine.
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March 5, 2015
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I recently got the chance to try the new Oil Essentials line. With six potent blends to choose from--at $13 each--these cute little bottles offer a great, affordable way to partake in the skin and hair care oil craze.

I tested each product in the line, massaging them onto my face every night before bed and running any leftover oil through my hair to tame frizziness. You could also add a few drops to your bath, favorite moisturizer, or even your shampoo and conditioner.

Here's a quick rundown of each oil.

Revitalize: Omega 3, 6, 9 & Evening Primrose

This was the first one I tried (I went in ROYGBIV order to keep things straight) and my first impression was that it smells lovely but a little strong. The fragrance smells genuinely like flowers. I really liked it but it became a bit much the next day when I had a headache.

This oil is rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 as well as evening primrose and sunflower seed oils. It is ideal for those with dry skin and hair. It's very emollient and moisturizing.

Nourish: Sea Buckthorn Berry & Borage

This blend is a mix of sea buckthorn berry and borage seed oils, as well as avocado and meadowfoam seed oils. The color is yellow (I assume because of the high amount of avocado oil) and the scent is kind of perfume-y. It promises to heal dry skin and strengthen damaged hair. Like the Omega & Primrose oil, it is extremely emollient but absorbs a bit faster.

Prevent: Sweet Almond & Macadamia

I love the sweet, nutty scent of this oil. I also really like sweet almond oil so I enjoyed using this one, which is also blended with jojoba oil and macadamia nut oils for extra potency. This one promises to prevent moisture loss in skin and hair, and although I'm not sure it can do that, it definitely provides added moisture while smelling heavenly.

Stimulate: Neroli & Avocado

This contains a lot of oils: neroli, avocado, sesame seed, meadowfoam seed, cardamom seed, and citrus oils. It smells energizing and a little citrusy. It promises to balance skin by controlling sebum production (which I suppose any adequate moisturizing routine will do, but still).

Replenish: Argan & Wheat Germ

This blend has argan, wheat germ, olive, and meadowfoam oils. It was very moisturizing but I didn't love the fragrance, which reminded me of cleaning supplies.

Soothe: Lavender & Rose Hip

This one smells distinctly more like lavender than roses, which made me happy. It also has coconut and sunflower seed oils, and promises to soothe skin. It's a bit lighter than some of the other oils, so this might be good if you have oily skin.

All of these oils made my skin glow and my hair silky, which makes it hard to pick a favorite based on that alone. Since I'm very picky about fragrances in my products, if I had to choose favorites I would do it based on that. After all, it is going to be right under my nose all day. Revitalize smells amazing but too strong, Stimulate's fragrance does just that, and my favorite scents were that of Soothe and Prevent.

If you don't care about fragrance, I would suggest picking whichever one has a blend of oils that most appeal to you. Danielle wrote a great guide to choosing the right oils.

These can be found at Rite Aid, Walmart, and Target this spring. You can find more information about ingredients and where to buy them near you on their website:

  • What are your favorite inexpensive skin and hair care oils?
  • Think you'll try Oil Essentials?

Photos by Josh Kirby