September Is National Honey Month! My Favourite Bee-Inspired Beauty Products To Help You Celebrate

OK, so it's almost over, but you can celebrate year-round with these yummy-but-don't-eat-them products.

If you've been following my beauty writing for the past few years, then you probably know by now that I'm a freak about bees, honey, and beauty products of that sort. Bees are amazing little creatures responsible for keeping fruits and vegetables on our tables and flowers in our gardens, and honey is a wonder byproduct of their hard work, with the ability to make our skin gorgeous and our insides healthy.

And hooray, National Honey Month falls in my birth month, September. So while yes, I've written about bee beauty products before, I'm lucky that the market is constantly introducing new ones to satisfy my desire to smell like a honeycomb and proclaim my love for fat, fuzzy honeybees.

Now light an air-purifying beeswax candle and settle in, it's time to talk BEES. (Beads? Bees!)

First, I obviously have to talk about Marc Jacobs Honey Eau de Parfum because, duh, that name! That bottle!

The scent itself isn't remisicent of straight-out-of-the-jar honey, but more blooming flowers and the freshness of spring, with a bit of warmth. I'd say the pear and mandarin notes are most noticeable off the top, definitely giving it a crispness.

But seriously, even though it isn't crazy honey-fied, I still love it and HAD to have it, being the bee-crazed maniac that I am. I'll definitely keep wearing it well in to the colder months to remind me that warm weather does, in fact, exist.

Then, there's The Body Shop Honeymania Eau de Toilette. This fragrance comes from their newly launched HONEYMANIA collection, a title which aptly describes my brain.

It consists of a body butter, scrub, bubble bath, lip butter, shower gel, and crazy-adorable honeycomb shaped soap. In terms of honey scents that really hit the mark, this is one of them. It's got community fair-trade honey in the actual ingredients to give it that natural, rich sweetness, along with floral notes to make you smell like a sweet little wildflower bouquet. Plus, it's afforable. Everyone likes that!

Next up is Laura Mercier Honey Bath. I've got it in the Almond Coconut Milk scent, which smells like the most delicious cookie you could ever want to shove in your mouth, except instead, you put it in your bath and submerge your body in the delicious-smelling goodness.

The best part though of the Honey Bath is the adorable little wooden honey dipper that comes with it, perfect for helping you spoon the bubble bath out of its jar and into your tub. The honey in the base softens while ingredients like rice and oat protein help soothe skin that might be particularly fussy.

LUSH, a brand that has a pretty hefty assortment of honey-themed products, makes one of my most recent favourites: the Mange Too Massage Bar. It has a cocoa and shea butter base and a honey and white chocolate scent that may cause you to take a bite. Don't, and use it on your skin instead.

The massage bar can be used by rubbing it between your hands to soften it up and then running your palms along dry arms and legs, or you can just rub the bar itself directly on your skin.

Wait, remember up top where I said not to eat it? The website says you can. They're probably recommending you lick it off another person's body since it is a massage bar after all and that's a thing that you usually need another person for, but I'm sitting here alone, so I just let a small piece melt on my tongue. It tastes fine, probably due to the actual white chocolate in it, but I mean ... yeah, maybe lick it off another person, if you're into that? Otherwise just use it to moisturize (it works wonderfully for that) while eating actual chocolate.

Finally, a product that is intended to go around and, sure, in your mouth: Nyakio Hydrating Lip Balm With Kola Nut. My lips were really dry and flaky earlier in the week, but since I've been using this they've noticeably softened up, which means this will definitely be staying in my purse from now until February.

The formula, with delicious-tasting honey and African kola nut extract, vitamin E and marula oil isn't sticky but instead has the consistency of Vaseline. It's soft and sinks into your lips and has a nice taste that isn't sickeningly sweet or chemical-tasting, thanks to the fact that it's formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and dyes or triclosan. Nice!

But of course, there's always just regular, raw honey. I know loads of you love this stuff and credit it for changing your skin, so head to your local health food store and slather some on as a face mask, or splurge on the goods listed above and celebrate the adorable little dudes we call bees.