My Horrifying Beauty Habit

A throwback post from Jane's Phone, just after interviews for the big "Upcoming Beauty Site," and also how she horrified Emily.
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December 4, 2012
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We are meeting with editor and contributor candidates for our Upcoming Beauty Site (woohooooo!) and in an interview just now, Emily mentioned being scared the other week when I borrowed some of her eye cream and proceeded to apply it with my INDEX FINGER. I had noticed her expression as I was doing it but had no idea what she was reacting to. I thought she was worried that I was getting germs in her nice eye cream pot. Or that I was using too much of her cream.

But now I know that she was stunned that I didn't use the lighter-touch ring or middle finger application method advocated by women's magazines since the dawn of time. I KNOW that tip, I just don't practice it. It's not that it would take more time to use another finger, but it would take brain-space to remember not to just use the most natural one. Or does it just become second nature after a while? Anyway, it was funny how struck Emily was by it. And what if she knew that I never apply eye cream other than maybe once a month when someone (like Emily) offers it to me? And is being offered eye cream the same as being offered gum or a mint -- meaning, you need it?

And what beauty rules do you routinely ignore? I prefer really old mascara, the kind that's dried out so just a little bit goes on.

PS I used a filter on this image -- well, Olivia did it for me -- I think it's called beaute or something. Not because I wanted to hide the wrinkles around my eyes, but because my finger looked distractingly shriveled and orange. And I wanted to try the filter. I will tweet the un-filtered image for comparison. It's pretty startling. Ok, tell me anything about yourself

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