Customize Your Cleanser To Your Finicky Skin By Mixing It With Masks

Instead of buying a bunch of products I won't even need in a few weeks, I'm blending what I already have to treat the weirdness my skin is going through.
Publish date:
October 3, 2013
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Have I told you before that my skin is super-finicky? Oh right, I have. My skin type is usually normal to dry, and very sensitive, but that doesn’t mean it is without its surprises.

For example, we’re finally into fall, but for the past few weeks, the weather where I live has been all over the place. Like, bundling up in the morning, crank the AC on the way home. As a result, my skin has been super-weird.

Those last few hot, muggy, humid days left my skin especially oily. Now, oily skin isn’t a problem I usually have to deal with, so I didn’t really have the products in my skincare routine to address it. My normal regimen full of moisturizing mists and carrier oil blends was making me a total greaseball.

Instead of going out and hauling a whole new oily-skin product stash though, for a problem that was going to last me a couple weeks max, I got creative.

I love my staple Fresh Soy Cleanser because it doesn’t dry me out, but in this case, I wanted my cleansing routine to de-grease my skin a bit more.

I took the most skin-drying product I own, Origin’s Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask, and mixed a dab in with my cleanser, massaging it on my face for a few minutes to give it a chance to work before rinsing it off.

I tried this method for four days straight, morning and night, and noticed that I did not get shiny at all during the day; and when I woke up in the morning, I didn’t have the telltale pools of grease at the edges of my nose that I usually get when I’ve been sweating through the night.

While I don’t usually have time to sit around with a mask on every night, it was quick and easy to add it into my cleanser, and I credit the mix for getting me through that gross, sticky last week of summer without a major breakout.

Now that the weather is perfectly autumnal and my skin is back to normal, I thought I’d try this method in sort-of-reverse by mixing a moisturizing mask into my cleanser to see if it would have similar benefits.

I blended a glob of Fresh Rose Mask into my cleanser and lathered away.

Not only did it feel really luxurious and wonderful while I was cleansing, but it also left my skin feeling softer and more hydrated after I rinsed it away. I think I’ll be turning to this combo often once winter hits and my skin gets all wind burned and flaky.

I highly recommend mixing the mask of your choice into your favorite bland cleanser to give it an extra boost of skin benefits, without the time commitment of a mask or the cost of a new cleanser. What mask will you try mixing in first?