The $10 Kitchen Tool You Should Totally Fill With Body Oil

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September 29, 2014
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Sometimes when browsing the aisles of Bed Bath and Beyond or Sur La Table, I am struck with crazy ideas of how to use kitchen tools in beauty applications. This time, a light bulb flickered when cruising by these sleek little canisters meant for dispensing cooking oils.

Many oils used for body are also suitable for use in the skillet, and you can always check my previous posts for clarification on this. The main cooking oils aside from canola or vegetable oil are olive, coconut, and sesame. All of these are wonderful on the body. Much like being able to take the heat of a hot pan over a flame, these are also oils that can take a beating, heavy on the oleic acid.

Most body oil sprays on the market that are non-aerosol are not misty enough for me. You hit the button expecting a fine mist, and out comes a stream of goop ready to ruin any clothing in its path. I have long wished for a can of Pam for your bum, but tend to steer away from aerosols, since they never feel worth the price for the amount of product. All of the aerosols I can think of are north of $10 for usually no more than 8 to 10 ounces. Not economical.

Expanding on your blending skills is a useful money-saving tool, and some of the recipes I included in my last post would get a lot more mileage from a fine misting rather than the glug-n-rub that always results in a few lost drops spilled upon the bathroom floor. This also pertains to expensive store-bought blends. I feel like it is similar to sunscreen application--a fine mist uses far less product than a squirt formula, which always seems to use excess product.

When applying a delightful body serum like those from Kahina or One Love Organics, you should really avoid wasting or overusing product. Enter a Misto or Cuisepro oil mister.

These non-aerosol, manual powered babies dispense a fine-ish mist of any liquid or oil so you can spray harder-to-reach areas, (helloooo, my back is always dry!), use product more wisely and sparingly, and ultimately save dollaz. Simply fill up this model with your desired product, replace the cap, and pump the lid into the can until the pressure builds. Then mist away until you are content.

Always clean the canister in between blends with vinegar-- soap and water won’t quite cut it, and could damage the mechanism. Just shake well and spray out a small amount and then open up all parts and let all the fumes evaporate. I have been making two- ounce mini blends so I can try a different formula rather quickly. A two-ounce bottle of oil when poured and rubbed in would only last me a few days, where as two ounces of spray has already lasted well over a week.

I am so happy I found this awesome little hack. It makes things move faster after a shower, or allows for quick touch ups when changing into a skirt or shorts. Here’s a few quick recipes for sprayable blends that go perfectly with this new tool.

Mediterranean Sea Glow

  • 1.5 oz. olive oil
  • .5 oz. argan oil
  • 2 drops frankincense essential oil

Caribbean Sea Glow

  • 1.5 oz. coconut oil
  • .5 ounce sweet almond oil

No fragrance necessary. This smells like a heavenly Almond Joy.

Pacific Ocean Glow

Again, no fragrance needed.

As always, experimentation is highly encouraged. Add or subtract whatever you think will give you the glowing skin of your dreams. Hey, if you don't plan on using it in the kitchen, toss some finely milled shimmer powder into the mix.

What tricks do you use to apply moisturizer in hard-to-reach places? Do you have any kitchen tool/beauty hacks?

Photos by Darnell Scott