Can 3 Microdermabrasion Treatments Dull My Acne Scars?

I'll say this: in the world of skincare, microdermabrasion is The Terminator.

Early this month I embarked on a one month microdermabrasion journey at The House of Rush. My goal was to reduce the appearance of some lingering bumps and pigmentation marks.

Touted to fade acne scars and hyper-pigmentation, unclog pores, and encourage skin repair, microdermabrasion uses a vacuum and tiny crystals to deeply exfoliate.

Overall, my experience at The House of Rush was amazing. The space was absolutely fabulous, with magnificent chandeliers lining the ceiling, and they offered me complimentary pretzels while I waited. But all of that would've meant nothing if the treatment didn't deliver on its promise.

I'm happy to say that the treatment was AMAZING! I'm very impressed with the results. It's not instant or miraculous, but there is a gradual improvement after every session.

And my beauty therapists, Charlotte and Nicole, were extremely kind, knowledgeable, and thorough. They talked me through what was going on with my skin and what we could do to improve it.

The sensation of the vacuum was unusual at first, but never uncomfortable. It was actually very relaxing; I looked forward to those tiny crystals getting reacquainted with my face at every session.

Though I regularly experienced slight dryness the day after each treatment, it was nothing that a little moisturizer couldn't fix.

Visible improvements happened approximately five days after each treatment. My pores looked smaller and my face looked brighter, clearer, and more even. The marks weren't completely erased, but they did fade. Small cheek bumps also receded and stayed gone! Even the birthmark on my left cheek (which has grown darker due to sun exposure) seemed to lighten ever so slightly.

So far I've had three treatments, and I'm definitely game for a few more to bring my skin back to its former glory, circa my 10-year-old self. Miracles happen, right?

In the world of skincare, microdermabrasion is The Terminator. It's programmed to kill your pigmentation scarring so you can venture forth into the future with your previously perfect skin. To quote my favorite T-800 Model 101 cyborg, "I'll be back."

Have you tried microdermabrasion? If so, when did you start to see results?