The Men's Skin Care Line Women Should Totally Try

I stole my boyfriend's face wash and it opened up a whole new world of skin care possibilities.

Relationships are neat because mutual support, kindness, and love is beneficial to human survival. Also, you can totally steal your significant other's clothes and face wash.

Well, I'm not really stealing the face wash: my boyfriend, Ryder, gets all of his skin care swag from me in the first place. (Before I moved in, dude was washing his face with body wash like a plebe.)

Since his skin is prone to oiliness, I bought Ryder a bottle of The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. Tea tree is a godsend for oil control, and this face wash cleans and dries without causing dry patches or breakouts.

My skin is typically normal to dry, but has grown more oily in recent months, thanks to a change in diet and humid summer weather. Often now, I find myself reaching for Ryder’s face wash when he’s not looking. I use it with my Clarisonic (a gift from Ryder) to combat the breakouts that usually accompany sweaty days or my monthly flow.

As soon as he caught on, Ryder was all, “Get your own!” But instead I decided to find HIM something new and keep The Body Shop face wash for myself. Then, like magic, Kiehl's sent me its new line of men's skin care, Oil Eliminator.

I have no idea what makes a face wash “for men,” other than marketing. Kiehl’s claims that men are biologically oilier than women, and I welcome any and all scientific debate on that subject, but let’s go ahead and say this new line of skin care is specifically designed for oily skin belonging to anyone of any gender, because I’ve totally been stealing it from Ryder.

The Oil Eliminator line is a three-step regimen of exfoliator, toner, and moisturizer. The secret ingredient is aerolite, which apparently comes from OUTER SPACE. Just kidding. Aerolite is a lightweight material based on aerogel, which has been used in space exploration. I’m not particularly interested in space, because I’m much too fragile to spend all that time pondering the futility of my own existence, but if it’s the aerolite that makes this stuff magic, then I’m onboard.

The Deep Cleansing Exfoliator is thick and goopy, so you only need to use a small amount. Crushed apricot seeds help to slough away dirt and sweat.

This sulfate-free exfoliator really did make my face feel squeaky clean. It gets all the grime off my face after a workout or bike ride.

Ryder's Review: "It’s really thick but I like it. It does the job."

There you have it.

Formulated with glycine, the Refreshing Shine Control Toner is a super-fine mist that helps perk up even the most tired, heat exhausted of faces (read: mine). A vegetable-derived capryloyl, glycine helps smooth pores, calm redness, and abate sweat. Tip: keep this stuff in the fridge. Thank me later.

Ryder's Review: "Wait, I’m supposed to just spray this on my face? Why? Okay, yeah it’s cool."

The 24-Hour Anti Shine Moisturizer is the real star of the show. It’s crazy lightweight and manages to make my skin feel moisturized but also (somehow) less greasy. The magical aerolite helps wick sweat away while leaving your complexion healthy, matte, and smooth.

This moisturizer is my go-to on days when it’s too hot for most of my moisturizers, but my face still needs a little something.

Ryder's Review: "It’s nice."

So my skin isn’t super oily, and I’m not a man, but I’m still loving these products. So is Ryder. It's like the old saying: The couple who washes their faces together stays together”? (Huh? People don't say that? They should.)

Anyone else found a man-marketed product that works great on women? Or vice versa? I'd love to hear from some guys on this!