I’m Using Mederma’s New Overnight Cream On All My Scars, Acne Included

Two weeks into my new Mederma PM regimen and I'm already noticing a difference.

Back in February, I slipped on some ice and badly bruised and cut my knee. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself until I heard from my friend Danielle that she, too, had slipped on some ice that very same week and broke her ankle in six places. I mean, my knee was bloody and swollen, but my tights didn’t even rip. Self-pity dismissed.

Even though I didn’t bust my ass quite as bust-tacularly as Danielle busted hers, it became apparent after a few weeks that my knee was definitely developing a pretty big scar. So I did what any beauty editor would do: I completely forgot to use the Mederma gel I had in my apartment.

You know what I didn’t forget to do? Pick at an epic zit I got on my neck around the same time. I couldn’t forget; it was an unconscious habit that I would catch myself doing while writing, watching TV, hanging out with friends. Just when I thought it was finally healed, a new zit would appear right on top of the one that was going away thanks to my inability to keep my hands off my skin.

Soon, I was left with what’s probably the worst acne scar of my life. Perhaps it’s age that’s preventing it from healing better than it might have when I was younger or just far too many hours spent mindlessly chiseling away, but that relatively small patch of skin seemed determined to be a different color than the rest of my neck.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a friend noticing my acne scar, and I thought, OK, I have two very good excuses to finally start using Mederma gel.

So I didn’t.

Instead, I decided to try Mederma PM, the new “Intensive Overnight Scar Cream.” The whole PM thing isn’t just a marketing gimmick--the formula really is significantly different from Mederma classic, in three ways.

First, Mederma PM is, as you might have noticed in the last paragraph, a cream, whereas the original Mederma is a gel. I personally prefer a cream over a gel, and I’m weirdly enthusiastic about how fresh it smells. I guess I’d describe it as… flower salad?

The second difference is the ingredients. The only key ingredient Mederma PM has in common with the original gel is onion bulb extract, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects that can help calm down “angry” scars. Other than that, Mederma PM has a much more extensive list of ingredients, and it’s not just filler.

In addition to their go-to onion bulb extract, Mederma PM includes dimethicone (a skin protectant) and a complex they call Tripeptol, which includes collagen, antioxidants, and a copper peptide. This brings us to the third difference…

When you put it on: right before bed. Sure, you can put it on whenever you darn well please, but Mederma put this formula together to complement the skin's overnight regeneration process, which is way more hardcore than daytime skin regeneration.

I’ve been using it on both my knee and my acne scar for two weeks, which probably isn’t long enough for someone who doesn’t look closely at them every day (read: anyone who isn’t me) to notice a difference. However, they mention that you may start seeing an improvement after 14 nights, and you know what? I actually do on my knee scar. The camera can't really pick it up, unfortunately, but patches of it seem to be lightening, almost like the color is slowly dissolving.

I haven’t really seen a change in my acne scar yet, but I’m going to keep using the cream every night for the next couple of months. They say on their website, “Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see improvement right away … every scar is different, so yours may take a bit more time.” And there’s a money-back guarantee, so I’m cool with that.

And if you’re wondering if using Mederma PM on acne scars is just asking for more acne--nope! It’s noncomedogenic. Hooray!

Now that I'm in the habit of using it every night, I've started applying it on smaller, older scars, too, because why not? Might as well put it to work while I sit back and watch... or rather, lie down and sleep.

Have you tried Mederma on acne scars? Regular scars? Has it made a difference for you?