The Best Mango Products To Use All Over Your Body

Use this tropical fatty acid-filled treat to keep winter dryness away.
Publish date:
November 20, 2014
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The stone-like seed of the mango plant is packed with fatty acids that are obtained by pressing. The resulting plant butter is oil that's solid at room temperature, like shea or cocoa butter. Products containing this butter are great for all manner of dryness in skin and hair, and of course I have a few favorites!


New to the market this fall, the Klorane Mango Butter line is here to combat dryness and damage. With a full line of choices, you can use mango to completely overhaul your hair care routine, or slip a mango product in somewhere you are needing a replacement. I tried the luscious shampoo and conditioner a few times and was treated to delicious-smelling and very soft hair. Free of sulfates and silicones, these are great for hair of many textures as well as processed hair.

The UV protecting oil was light and silicone-free, meaning you can mist a bit more freely, as buildup will be less of a problem. The deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner were both also very effective. I love a good leave-in when air drying my curls because it adds softness without being sticky, and curls dry full and smooth. And since they're richly scented like real mangos, I found myself burying my nose in my hair much more frequently than usual.


Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream was the first skin care item I tried with mango butter in it. This stuff is wonderful beyond my wildest dreams, as one would expect from a luxury cream. It's typically available only from high-end retailers, but if you can find a beauty box that dispenses Sulwhasoo products, jump on it--their deluxe samples last nearly a month. Like the last product I tried from Sulwhasoo, the immediate impression is the scent of the product. Potent and and medicinal, this formula has a pleasant and lingering ginseng scent, due to the first ingredient, six-year-old ginseng extract. With mango butter, jojoba, and avocado oils, green tea extract and many other coveted botanical actives such as licorice and astragalus, this cream is delightful and soothing, and I was very sad when my samples were used up.

The Face Shop is into the fruits of nature, and the Mango Seed Good Radiance Essence and Silk Moisturizing Lotion that I tried with their great sheet masks were the goodness I have come to expect from The Face Shop. The Essence creates a film that works as a great primer or under moisturizer, which was softening and settles in quickly. Both smell like yummy real mangos, and the whole line (which has 10 more products) is packing the power of mango butter with beta glucan, panthenol, and vitamin E. I wish I could try them all.

Lierac, a French company, has a Comfort Mask of rose clay, plant butters, and flower extracts that is calming and smells like a sexy flowerbed. Ylang ylang, rose, magnolia, and Japanese cherry extracts add a petal-soft backbone to the moisturizing effects of the rose clay, mango, and shea butters. Applying this will have you moisturized and energized in five short minutes.

Tarte knows its exotic plant butters, and their signature maracuja oil mingles with mango butter and an antioxidant-rich cream to de-puff and brighten eyes. How could they not put out a complimentary product to their divine concealers, which eye cream helps to work even better. This stuff is a real multi-tasker, delivering moisture with hyaluronic acid and sealing it in with mango butter, and oils of coconut and maracuja oil.


Korres, a Greek makeup brand, is known for their ingredient development and the research they put into their products. With this in mind, the Mango Butter lipsticks I tried are some of the first I have tried that did not need a coat of balm underneath. Super rich mango butter is a great choice for lips, creating a soft and luscious product that improves lip condition over time. I loved the cinnamon and nude shades, which gave me a golden glow--not gonna hate on that!

Mango butter is extremely moisturizing, it’s high in stearic and oleic acid, which both settle into skin along with the polyphenols, which can have wound-healing properties as well as anti-inflammatory effects. Using tropical power to keep winter dryness at bay is one way to keep the sun in your heart as the cold approaches.

  • How delicious are mangos?!
  • Do you use any mango products, or do you DIY with mango butter?

Photos by Darnell Scott