I Put the Makeup Eraser to the Test: Here are the Surprising Results!

How does it compare to my usual microfiber towels?
Publish date:
June 21, 2015
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The more makeup I play with, the more makeup I want to wear. The more things I slather on my visage, the more intensive the makeup removal must be. Piling on the highlighter, sometimes contour stick, eye-brighteners, bronzers—it all needs to come 100% off at the end of the night. Now that my skin is behaving itself for the most part (knock on wood!) I cannot slip up.

My early twenties were pretty evenly split between wearing very little makeup and plenty of party-girl paint, but the one constant was being a lazy brat and falling asleep in it. I won’t lie: religiously washing my face each night has shown me great improvements, and in combination with my other treatment methods, it would be pretty dumb to give up what works.

Microfiber cloths have been an integral part of my skincare routine. Even after double-cleansing and/or exfoliating sometimes there are STILL traces of makeup to take off, especially if you wear eye makeup or lipstick. I have a system going with about 10 cheapie microfiber towels, probably worth about six bucks collectively, that I use twice (once AM with one side and once PM with the other) before hand washing. This is kind of an annoying cycle, but even after wiping off heavy makeup with micellar water on some cotton sheets, oil cleansing, and then finally an exfoliating cleanser (RIP Meishoku Fruits Peeling Scrub), there is still more to come off.

Enter the Makeup Eraser: a punchy, bright, Schiaparelli-pink, extra-soft, microfiber cloth in a clever, eraser-shaped package.

I got mine from the good people at Ricky’s, where they are available online and in-store. For 19 some-odd dollars, this cloth purports to do what 10 of my cloths do before one washing, so let’s see how it does!

My testing method was as follows: Take off makeup on one side of face with Makeup Eraser and DIY micellar water, double cleanse as usual, dry each side of face with one side of a clean white microfiber cloth to see what's left over.

As you can see, it's pretty darned cool that the Makeup Eraser side left no trace of makeup behind, when even my normal routine always leaves a little bit of foundation and mascara.

This product is super-rad and I'm pretty impressed! Instead of buying cotton pads and having to hand wash a huge tub of towels by hand every week, I can just wash this towel every few days and it literally takes everything off.

The technology behind the towel lies in the material. Microfiber strands are in this case extra extra fine, finer even than a silk strand, and they are known for their absorbent powers. Cotton is absorbent but also stains, molds, and needs a super-vigorous cleansing. This towel can be hand- or machine-washed and many find best results by giving it a quick scrub with soap every third day.

I am so happy to have tried this towel and will probably buy myself a second one to rotate so I can machine wash it without skipping days of its use. Now I can skip cotton pads and will probably only use micellar water when absolutely necessary. Attacking my filthy makeup-y face with nothing but a wet towel will take some getting used to, but if it can help me be more earth friendly, I'm game!

  • What is your preferred makeup removal method?
  • Any other microfiber fans?