My Favorite Face Mists To Buy And DIY

As with ice cream, facial mists and summertime just go together.
Publish date:
July 2, 2013
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Those summer days... Weekends at the beach, prancing around the city in your cute summer clothes, eating watermelon in the backyard and drinking cold beer under the sun (Canadian much?). In my summer fantasies, which mostly occur during every season that isn’t actually summer, I am a summertime goddess. A former mermaid on land frolicking through the sea breeze with glee.

In reality, the last four summers I’ve experienced, in Rome, Toronto and now New York, do anything but lend themselves to helping me look like a sexy, carefree merperson. Last summer in Toronto felt like walking through the steam room of Satan’s bowel. I’d look at polluted Lake Ontario and want to jump in with as much longing as most women reserve for Ryan Gosling.

When it’s not raining, New York can get HOT. Like a state-of-constant-sweat hot. I’m just waiting to come across some kids playing in front of a fire hydrant one really hot day so I can run through it. Being that I am an adult, this would probably be frowned upon. Getting completely drenched is fine if you’re, like, eight, or just really don’t care how you look in public (or if you’re one of those annoying people who always look good). But most of us are adult women who will not be wearing wet t-shirts unless we’re at the beach or in our backyards, mmmm k?

I mean, whatever, wear them if you want to. Live yo life.

You can’t really jump in a lake or run through a sprinkler on your way in to work for professional reasons, so to deal with the ick that comes along with summer in a humid place, I rely on face mists. GOOD GOD, THEY ARE THE BEST INVENTION EVER.

I started carrying a spray bottle full of fresh water and an essential oil of my choosing to ease the pain of my sweaty morning walk to work. It’s tricky because you want to cool off, but not erase the makeup from your face. You also want it to smell good and use something that will be beneficial for your skin both in the muggy heat AND after you enter your insanely freezing cold office that pumps out AC like global warming isn’t an issue.

The first facial mist I ever purchased was Vichy Thermal Spa Water. While shopping before move to Rome, my best pal Megan suggested I buy it. I was pretty grateful for this when July hit and I needed something to ease my constantly perspiring face. It’s cool, and the fine mist tickles your cheeks with mineral-rich goodness that refreshes and moisturizes, but mostly, it makes you feel and look fresh when you are anything but.

Remember in Super Mario Bros., whenever one the plumber bros ate a mushroom and grew three sizes bigger? It does that for your skin, metaphorically. Your skin feels three times better after using it.

I loved my Vichy spray, but I also have a wandering, fickle cosmetics heart, so I soon moved on to options I could make myself.


It’s SOOOO easy to get the summer facial mist of your dreams. Buy a small spray bottle from the dollar store or wherever and pick your favorite essential oil; or if you have a great-smelling toner, use that. Fill up the bottle with ¾ fresh, filtered water, add in either a few drops of the oil, or a bottle cap full of the toner, and shake it up, baby.

Acqua Distillata Alle Rose is my favorite product to do this with. It leaves my skin touched by the light rosy smell and refreshed by its toning properties, and the cool water makes my face happy. I use it for my body too; a spritz here and a spritz there, and you can also use it as room spray or a linen spray.

Other scents I quite enjoy are the essential oils of bergamot, jasmine, eucalyptus (if I’m sick) and lavender. The best thing you will do for yourself this summer is make your own facial mists. Trust.

Toners are great because they are obviously good for your skin, but essential oils can impact your mood, too. Like lavender calms you, citrus is energizing, bergamot might make you start talking emphatically with your hands like an Italian, so pick your pleasure.

If your skin is really sensitive, do a patch test on your wrist before spraying your concoctions onto your face. I don’t want you guys to get rashes--just enjoy the splendor of cool, scented, skin refining mist.


Another mist that I love is Kiehl’s Damage-Protecting Toning Mist. I spray my face evenly before apllying makeup and again before going out. Not only does it smell nice, but it’s also jam-packed with antioxidant protection against environmental stressors.

For sleepy times, I spray Saje Lavender Mist on my pillows and into my table fan to get my room good and scented before dozing off to dream land. I love all the products at Saje because you can find a scent blend to help ease all that ails you, and they're made from 100% pure essential oils.

Will you guys be making your own face mists this summer? (DO IT). What’s your favorite essential oil scent?