Beauty News: Madonna's High-Concept Skincare Commercial Is Giving Us Life

And three other insane beauty ads we can’t purge from our memory banks
Publish date:
March 24, 2014
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“Having good important to me.” (Whisper: “Having good skin.) “But so are other things.”

So intones Madonna in this totally bonkers commercial for her MDNA skincare collection, which, sadly, launched not on our shores, but in Japan.

The line itself doesn’t look nearly as cray as the commercial makes it sound: a serum and something called a “rejuvenator set,” which could be a face brush and … a masque? I don’t know -- if anyone out there reads Kanji, maybe they can enlighten us?

This ad takes itself so seriously, it’s veering into Blue Steel territory. I can’t begin to imagine how Madge managed to read these lines and NOT crack up every. single. time. “Your body smells of honey from the comb.” Okay, then!

But what it instantly reminded me of -- in look AND in dialogue -- was this series of artsy Calvin Klein Obsession commercials from the mid-1980s:

“Did I invent her? The secrets in her twilight eyes?”

“Ashes...all ashes.”

“She was a fever from which I will never recover.”

That the MDNA ad shares something (a lot?) with these iconic commercials surprises me not one bit. Madonna is nothing if not an expert at repurposing pop culture. Or blatant copying, depending on your point of view.

What are some of your favorite beauty commercials?