I Found My Signature Scent After The Department Store Failed Me Miserably

After almost half a decade of being FORBIDDEN from wearing perfume, I've discovered how I want to smell for the next half a decade.
Publish date:
November 11, 2013
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I hadn't bought perfume in about four years. I was working at a company that had a strict no-scent policy. I mean strict. One day I was sent home because I smelled too much of patchouli--I was trying out a new face wash to curb breakouts.

A couple of months ago I landed a new gig, and aside from it being an awesome job, I now have the chance to wear perfumes! I am a person who is proud to be a unique, albeit weird, individual, and I like to showcase that through my clothing and makeup. This gave me the opportunity to express this through my scent as well.

The problem was my “signature scent” over the last four years was a mixture of my deodorant and the light Bath & Body Works body spray my mom stuffed in my stockings every year. To sum it up, I smelled like a teenager. It’s like I wasn’t able to progress past the high school Hawaiian Ginger phenomenon (everyone wore Hawaiian Ginger in high school, right? It was like a rite of passage).

It was time to hit the mall and find my new unique and more grownup scent!

I first stopped at The Bay (a large Canadian department store) to check out the makeup counters. I stopped to sniff at counters like Dior and Clinique. But after not wearing perfume for so long, I had a headache after about 15 minutes. Although some of the scents were very nice, they were just too heavy for my naked-smelling skin. Alas.

I wandered around the suburban mall aimlessly, thinking I was just meant to live in scent mediocrity, when I caught a whiff of the glorious smell of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

After wandering around in the large department store, I wanted someone to hold my hand and show me the way. And I had always loved the smell of Lush’s bath products. Perhaps I would like their perfumes as well!

I walked in, and just as expected, a very helpful sales person came to my side. They lent me a cloth to wipe away the sickening scent from my arms (that’s what happens when you spray 15 perfumes on yourself) where I had tested perfumes.

They had a little shelf with about 12 perfumes. I liked this! It wasn’t too overwhelming. And placed on the shelf were tiny bowls of coffee beans, so I could take a whiff of those in between filling my nostrils with delightful smells so the perfumes wouldn’t blend together.

And then I smelled it… the one: Lush’s 25:43 Gorilla Perfume.

Lush’s website describes it as “Fresh, sophisticated and light.” It is everything I was looking for. It is light, but not too fruity. There is a hint of lime, but I have always been partial to citrus scents. It makes me smell like a sweet, fun grownup, or so I like to think.

The perfume has a really awesome backstory too! This is the explanation on the website:

“LUSH inventor and co-founder Mark Constantine created this perfume especially for his son Simon on his wedding day. Simon’s bride wore this fresh and citrusy perfume down the aisle, and it captured the moment beautifully with notes of tonka and lime accord. Simon (not one to be bested by his Dad) later added notes of lemongrass, vanilla, ylang ylang and listsea to round out the already light and clean essence of 25:43.”

The sales associate also told me it is named 25:43 because it only took the creator 25 minutes and 43 seconds to create the perfume. Impressive!

I bought the 9 mL bottle to make sure it was “the one.” And after a month, I am certain it is! I will be investing in the full 30 mL bottle soon.

The first day I wore it to work I’m pretty sure a coworker caught me smelling myself. Way to make a good impression at the new job, Deanne! But I think they looked past the weirdness, because I did smell delightful!

How did you come across your signature scent? And since I have now dipped my toes into the perfume pool – what other scents and brands should I try?