I Thought Nothing From LUSH Would Be Gentle Enough For My Super-Sensitive Skin; I Thought Wrong

I gave three products a test drive, and now I need an awesome recipe for crow.
Publish date:
April 21, 2014
exfoliation, cleansers, sensitive skin, lush, cleansing balms

I think it’s fair to say that a lot of xoVainers are big fans
of LUSH, and I’m no exception. Now that I live in an apartment with a giant claw-foot tub, I
keep a steady supply of bath bombs and bubble bars in my #FridayNightBathNight rotation.

Still, being a sensitive skinned gal, I’ve pretty much avoided LUSH’s
non-bath products entirely. So many of the ingredients that make their products
so fun--essential oils, fragrances, foaming agents and scrubby bits--tend to
irritate my skin. I’d resigned myself to steering clear of anything in a little
black pot.

That is, until the lovely folks at LUSH sent me some of
their sensitive-skin favorites and challenged me to give them a try. I gave
three products a test drive, and here’s how things
shook out.


First, I tried this cult-favorite cleansing balm.
Formulated with gentle, moisturizing ingredients like almond oil, rosewater,
honey and glycerin, it is designed to soothe and heal the skin while
cleansing. You take a little bit of the thick balm and smooth it across your
face--it gets more liquefied as your hands warm it up--and then wipe it away with
a warm washcloth.

The verdict: This stuff is nice. "Nice" is the strongest
adjective I can use to describe it because it does, like, nothing to your skin. And I mean that in the best way: no scrubs,
no tingles, just good, clean nuffin’.

My skin felt really soft and nourished
afterward, though if you’re oily, you may hate the slight buttery feeling it
leaves on your skin (though still give it a shot as a makeup remover, cause it
removes mascara like a dream). I also worried it might clog me, but it’s left
my skin clear and happy so far.


The next product I used is one of
LUSH’s cleansing rolls that you mix with water to make a paste to cleanse your
skin. This one has corn oil and glycerin to moisturize, and polenta to
exfoliate, making it gentler than their other scrubs made with sugar or ground

My first impression was that it smells diviiiine and also I have to go buy some caramel corn now so I
don’t try to eat this instead. I’m not surpised that it's one of their most popular
cleansers, cause YUM.

The verdict: Still a bit too scrubby for my face, though almost every type of physical exfoliant is a no-no for me. I did try this on my body
though, and it was lovely for that. Worth it just for the caramel-y cake batter


Finally, I used a product meant for sensitive body skin. Most
soaps and shower gels leave me itchy and dry, but I revile (I
mean, revile) lotion.

Enter Ro’s
Argan Body Conditioner. This product is meant to be applied on the body just as
hair conditioner is on your head. After washing with body wash or soap, you
smooth this rich cream all over your body and rinse it clean before getting out
of the shower.

The verdict: I admit
that, at first, I thought this wouldn’t do anything since you rinse it off
literally seconds after you apply it. However, I was surprised by how the soft
layer of moisture it left on my skin lingered for the rest of the day.

It is
super pleasant to apply--much quicker and cleaner than regular body lotion--and it left me smelling like fresh rose lemonade. I’ll definitely restock this gem as
soon as I run out.

one of you readers better have an awesome recipe for crow, because I wrote off Lush’s sensitive-skin offerings too soon. There
are definitely a few gentle, skin-nourishing dark horses in the bunch that are absolutely
worth trying.