The Lush Product That Gives You The Option Of Shaving Or Making Colorful Little Sculptures

Or washing your body, or shampooing, or bubble bathing; but come on, the shaving and sculpting are best things about the aptly named FUN.
Publish date:
August 20, 2013
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I love the look and feel of a freshly shaven leg (like petting a baby dolphin!), but, like, EFFORT, you know? Since I was born blonde, my body hair is translucent, so I can go without shaving way longer than someone with dark body hair, which only enables my laziness.

My pit hair and the hair in my nether regions are dark, but they don’t get taken care on any sort of regular basis either. Sure, I can pretend to be all “DESTROY THE PATRIARCHY!” when I don’t shave, but, if we’re being honest, I just don’t feel like doing it most of the time.

But then came FUN.

I already love Lush, but when FUN first came out, I needed it. A body wash, bubble bath, and shampoo that you can also PLAY WITH LIKE PLAY DOH? Great product or greatest product?

But then I was like, “No, Sarah, you have all of those things except Play Doh, and you don’t actually need Play Doh, so don’t buy this because you are poor.” So I didn’t.

Until I did, like, two weeks ago. YOLO. But I’m so glad I did because FUN has a secret awesome FIFTH use: shaving cream!

There are five colors of FUN, and each has a different scent. I got the green FUN, which is lemon-lime scented. The color is also a super-awesome feature because it shows up on your skin and you can see where you have and haven’t shaved. As I mentioned, my leg hair is clear, so all too often I’m stroking my freshly shaved legs only to be rudely interrupted by a patch of hair I missed, so this is great for me.

It’s super-moisturizing. I don’t really believe in shaving creams that claim to be moisturizing. I just don’t think something that comes in contact with you skin for such a short period of time can have any sort of significant effect. Well, FUN has proved me WRONG.

It makes your legs so soft. When I forced my best friend to come over and take pictures of me for this article, I also forced her to feel my leg, and she will corroborate.

To use it for shaving, wet your legs. You may want to use a scrub beforehand. Then, grab a ball of the FUN. Get it wet, then rub it on your legs, rewetting the FUN as necessary until you’ve covered the desired area. Then go ahead and shave away. I’ve also noticed that FUN builds up less on the razor than regular shaving cream.

When you’re all done, put the leftover FUN back into the loaf and play with it!