I Tried It: Leaders Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask

A sheet mask and chill moment worth trying.
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February 24, 2016
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Like many other MIMI editors, sheet masks are my jam. I particularly like applying them when I'm unwinding after a long day at work and watching The Office to shut off my brain completely and laugh a little bit too much at Michael's vocabulary mistakes.

I'll try basically anything, but I'll be honest — I specifically picked up Leaders 7 Wonders Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask ($6; ulta.com) because the packaging looks just like my dream wallpaper.

It was, coincidentally, a valuable beauty product experiment.

The product feels like your standard sheet mask — paper thin, kind of slimy, cool and refreshing when it lands on your skin. I opened it carefully (sheet masks are the worst to unwrap, am I right?) and sat with it on my face for the recommended 15 minutes, or enough time for me to get hungry for another snack.

The entire purpose of the mask is to even out your skin tone, brightening dark spots so they are less visible to the naked eye. The olive oil called out in the product name is added for extra antioxidant benefits, which, as someone who lives for anti-aging skin care, won't argue with.

After I let it marinate on my face for 15 minutes, I peeled it off and patted the excess formula into my skin.

The results? While I don't have too many dark spots to note, I did notice that my skin felt fresh and less tight, and when I looked in the mirror, I felt as if I had more of a glow and a bit of dewiness. Over all, it was a lovely experience, but I wish I had saved it for before going out with friends on a Saturday and not right before I zonked out. At least I looked good for my pillow?

I wouldn't mind giving this mask another go, but next time, I will attempt to make plans after. That dew was just too good!

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