Indie Product Of The Week: LATHER Forbidden Rice Body Scrub

If you like to break archaic Chinese laws, this is the exfoliator for you!
Publish date:
May 15, 2014
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When I first laid eyes on LATHER's new Forbidden Rice Body Scrub, I thought the name was a dig at people who've gone grain-free. (Ahem... Mom.) But it turns out this so-called "forbidden rice" is actually just black rice.

See, there was a time, according to legend (must be whispered hoarsely), that black rice was reserved for Chinese emperors, because it was believed to be the healthiest rice in all the land; no one else was allowed to eat it, hence it being called forbidden. Sorry, everyone who's not an emperor, you're just gonna have to eat white and brown rice, also known as "allowed but not as life-sustaining rice." (It's not really also known as that. I made that up. You could probably tell.)

Forbidden rice is much more permissible/available these days, so much so that companies like LATHER, founded in 1999 by the same woman who runs the brand today, are putting it in body scrubs. Way to stick it to the ancient royal man!

So here's the deal: the organic forbidden rice powder in this scrub is packed with antioxidants, iron and amino acids, so while you're sloughing off old skin, it's depositing all that goodness in the freshly exposed skin. But even though that's the only ingredient mentioned in the title of the product, there are plenty of other beneficial components, like organic lotus leaf powder (also full of antioxidants), adzuki bean (also powdered and brimming with antioxidants), and green tea extract (guess what: more antioxidants).

In addition to the particles in this scrub being super-gentle, a hearty dose of organic aloe vera makes exfoliating with this formula a surprisingly skin-soothing experience (say that five times fast).

Because the founder of LATHER is a lifelong migraine sufferer who blames synthetic fragrances for a lot of her headaches, the scent of the scrub comes from the natural stuff in it. In addition to all the aforementioned free-radical fighters, there are extracts from jasmine, peach, coriander, lavender, rosemary and more. I'm pretty sure most of those have have at least some antioxidant power, too.

You can find Forbidden Rice Scrub at right now, and at one of the freestanding LATHER stores in Pasadena, Scottsdale and Atlanta starting next month. In the meantime, go eat some black rice in honor of all those deceased non-emperors who never got the chance.