Splash Masks Take Your Skincare Ritual From 30 Minutes to 30 Seconds

Korea does it again!
Publish date:
September 30, 2015
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Calling all people who are over the two-hour long skincare regimen (or those of you who've always subscribed to the #aintnobodygottimeforthat mantra). I'd like to introduce you to a new kid on the skincare block: the splash mask.

It won't surprise you to hear that this is yet another ingenious Korean invention, and as such, it also won't surprise you to hear that it's pretty legit.

The product I'm talking about today is made by Blithe and sold for $48 at GlowRecipe (yeah, I'm kind of addicted to that website), but before you recoil in horror at the price tag, know that it contains enough product to provide at least 25 applications. That renders it less expensive than some of the cheapest sheet masks on the market.

A splash mask is a concentrated blend of various nourishing botanical extracts and lactic acid. The lactic acid, a popular alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), helps keep skin clear and reduces the signs of aging while the extracts, high in antioxidants, assist with a more even, brighter complexion.

It also contains glycerin, a humectant, which soothes the skin and creates a protective barrier. In addition to providing moisture, I find that the glycerin serves as a really nice carrier for the lactic acid and extracts.

To use, you must first dilute one part product with 100 parts water. The instructions say to use one capful, about 7 mL, and then add your 700 mL of water. Personally, I think you could get away with cutting this amount in half (so ~3.5 mL with 350 mL of water), which would provide you with about 55 applications since it's a 200 mL bottle. Math.

Unlike a traditional face mask or sheet mask, you splash it onto your face and then pat it into the skin for quick absorption (versus applying and then letting it set before rinsing). This splashing action takes all of 30 seconds, if that. Once you've finished splashing, gently pat your skin dry so it feels slightly damp.

Splash Mask Hack! I usually place my bowl in the bottom of my sink, over the drain, and allow the product to fall back into the bowl while splashing. This allows me to reuse it a few times.

My primary concern was that I'd be throwing a lot of product away and that a simple splash wouldn't really allow the mask to do its work. However, you're technically washing or throwing other face masks away, no? And it really does feel like you've done a treatment once you're finished: soft, hydrated, clean and balanced.

  • Do you relish in a lengthy skincare routine? Or does a shortcut like this appeal to you?
  • What do you look for in a good face mask?