Korean Ampoules Are The Beauty Boosters Your Skin Has Been Longing For

They're supercharged with active ingredients and work double time to improve the quality of your skin.
Publish date:
May 8, 2015
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Anyone who knows anything about the beauty world is aware that Koreans sort of pave the path for many of today's skincare trends. Those alphabet creams were of their doing, and let's not forget about the 10- to 12-step skin regimen that so many women swear by.

I lived in Korea in 2008 and 2009, just when BB creams were making their way over to the states, and even then the skincare world was booming across the peninsula. Ultimately, Korean beauty boils down to one thing: gorgeous, glowing, healthy, hydrated skin. And they've got the research, the products, and the commercialization down pat.

So, what is an ampoule?

Consider ampoules a high-potency booster for your skin. They tend to have the viscosity of a serum, but they pack way more goodies per drop. In other words, they are supercharged with active ingredients and work double time to improve the quality of your skin.

Because of the potency factor, ampoules are not intended for daily, extended use. Instead, liken them to a pick-me-up for when your skin is in particular need of some TLC. Say it's finals week, you're having a rough time at work, dealing with a breakup, or your skin simply looks a little lackluster. Fire up the ol' ampoule dropper and slather that goodness all over your face. Every time I open my bottle up, I imagine the angels singing from above.

Some people use an ampoule once a week, or several days in a row every 10 days or so. Others choose to use ampoules daily for a week or two at a time, as a sort of boot camp for your skin.

Another important factor: ampoules are used in addition to your toner, serum and/or essence, and eye cream. This just heightens the overall skin-boosting effect. For best results, you should apply your ampoule after your toner and before your serum/essence.

I've been using Leejiham Dr's Care Vita-Propolis Ampoule, $38, and I am quite pleased. It's considered one of the top options out there, and I notice an immediate difference in my skin's texture and appearance when I use it.

I like to use the ampoule daily for two to three days when I really think my skin could use it. I've found that a little goes a very long way, and it absorbs into my skin within minutes. I follow up with a serum, then proceed with my normal makeup routine.

Shara Shara Honey Bomb Ampoule is a different take on the ampoule idea. It's intended for daily use and serves as a toner, serum/essence and ampoule in one. The goal, of course, is to minimize your routine.

This one comes in a massive jar, which is very different from most ampoules, and you can even use it as a face mask. Just apply liberally once or twice a week and let it set overnight, or for several hours.

I like the idea of an all-in-one type product, but I also appreciate the attention to detail, and the overall process, of a lengthier regimen. Both serve their purpose.

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