These K-Beauty Products Make Getting Egg on Your Face a Good Thing

I'm loving these moisturizing, purifying skincare formulas.
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December 28, 2015
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Even as a little girl, my interest was piqued by the beauty world. However, as a child with no income and an allowance that didn't stretch very far, I resorted to DIY beauty recipes. I'd whip up yogurt and honey and slather it on my face, smash berries and combine it with sugar to exfoliate, and yes, I did many an egg hair masque.

Browse Pinterest for half a second and you'll probably see that, to this day, hair and skin hacks often include egg as a primary ingredient. So why don't beauty product manufacturers include this wonder ingredient in the products they sell?

Part of it is that, well, eggs don't keep very well (hence using extract versus actual egg). I'd also speculate that eggs don't read very "luxury" and therefore aren't touted as a gotta-have-it ingredient.

But leave it to the Korean beauty world to make eggs adorable AF.

But it's not just the cute factor that helps egg-infused products sell. Egg yolk is a fatty, highly moisturizing ingredient that not only makes for a superb emollient that softens and hydrates the skin, but also serves as a water-binding agent that help your skin retain moisture; and egg whites help cleanse and purify the skin, leaving a more even and brighter complexion behind.

Some eggy products from K-Land

I've yet to play with a ton of egg-infused products, but I've dipped my toes in the cholesterol-y waters via Too Cool For School's Egg Mousse Soap and Egg Mousse Pack. The former is a foaming cleanser and the other is a hydrating mask that you let set before rinsing. They're each housed in a pressurized can that disperses seriously foamy product.

Egg Mousse Soap, $20Sometimes my brain reads this as "EGG MOUSE SOUP." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm game for any product that comes in adorable packaging, is fun to use, and does what the box promises. Korea has an uncanny ability to make cleansing and hydrating and nurturing your skin a fun endeavor, and this Egg Mousse Soap is a prime example of that.

The product continues to foam even after it's been pumped out. It makes for a really luxurious, pillowy-soft cleansing experience. After use, my skin feels hydrated and clean. Foam cleansers are ideal for post-OCM (oil-cleansing), and this one is a prime candidate due to its exceptional foaminess.

Egg Mousse Pack, $20

I will tell you one thing: this product feels super-weird as it's setting (but in a good way). You can feel the little bubbles popping, which kind of feels like a mini facial massage.

I usually just apply and then wait for most of the product to "disappear" before rinsing, which takes a couple minutes. It's a quick way to inject a major dose of moisture into the skin.

  • Have you tried any eggy DIY recipes? How'd they fare?
  • Would you try an egg-infused product?
  • What's a beauty ingredient you'd like to learn more about?