I Tried An Asian Foot Peeling Kit And Thought You Might Like To See Closeups Of The Process

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April 8, 2014
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Raise your foot if you've heard of these wackadoo foot-peeling things that hail from the great East! I became fascinated with them when Annie wrote about her Baby Foot experience over on xoJane and decided, pretty much instantaneously, that I needed to try one out myself.

Months passed, but I finally got ahold of a kit made by Korean brand Keyskin, purchased at RoseRoseShop.com for $7.

These foot peeling kits promise to make old skin magically fall off about a week after you apply the solution. In turn, baby-fresh skin is revealed and all that nasty, dry, dirty, rough and gritty skin is no more. According to the product's information, it's the solution's "plant-derived extracts" that do most of the work.

While I think that feet, in general, are kind of icky, I think mine are even more so compared to others. I'm not saying they're absolutely gnarly, but they're not exactly what you'd call pretty feet.

You can see some calluses, as well as dry spots on the heels and balls of my feet. There's also some slight yellowing.

For each foot you've got a small packet of solution and a foot cozy. The foot cozies are big enough to fit most feet, so that's good.

The first step is to put each foot cozy on your foot. These are lightweight and disposable.

Next, you tear open a solution packet and pour the contents inside. You'll do this for each foot. I was worried some of the solution might leak out from the foot cozy, but it did not.

Next is part one of the waiting game. Once both packets have been emptied, you need to wait for an hour and a half before you remove the cozies.

A few observations:

• During this process, my feet felt slightly cold and tingly, as if I'd smeared something minty all over them. It wasn't painful at all, but this tingly/cool sensation continued for about four hours after I removed the cozies.

• The bottom of the foot cozy absorbs the liquid solution, so the liquid doesn't slosh around the whole time.

• You can walk around while you're waiting, so that's good.

• My cat was absolutely terrified of me while I had these things on. I think it was the noise they made while I walked...

Next is part two of the waiting game. According to the directions, it takes up to a week for your feet to start peeling. Mine took about five days. For a while there, I was skeptical that it'd actually work, but after a brisk hike in northern Arizona, I took off my shoes and observed some intense peeling action.

The directions say not to peel anything off yourself, but to instead let the skin fall off naturally. I honestly couldn't help myself, though, and ended up peeling some of it off. A lot of the dead skin came off on its own in the shower, though. Also, as it peeled off, I could smell the solution again, which was kind of weird. All in all, it took about five days for all the peeling to stop.

A definite improvement, no? This picture was taken 12 days after I applied the solution. You can see some peeling still happening on one foot, but my feet are noticeably less dry and rough looking. The yellow tinge has also lessened.

Honestly, anything that visually demonstrates that it's working wins bonus points for me. I love being fascinated by products. That bias aside, there's definitely a noticeable difference in the way my feet feel. Visually, there's not a huge change, but my feet most certainly feel softer and less calloused than they did prior to using the kit.

Would I buy another one? Why not? It's cheap and the added entertainment of peeling dead skin off the bottom of my feet makes it doubly worth the money.