I'm Glad I Set Aside My Skepticism and Tried this Hand Mask, Plus COTW!

I'm actually typing this right now with the masks on my hands.
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February 20, 2016
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I can be downright overzealous when it comes to babying my face and hair with serums and masks, but when it comes to everything else below the neck, I tend to be pretty lazy. I'll use a hand cream occasionally, maybe even file my nails — and that's about it when it comes to TLC for my hands. We won't even talk about how I've neglected my poor feet this winter.

So if you told me a few months ago that I'd try a hand mask and like it, I'd scoff. And yet it's happened!

My cuticles have been really dry and rough lately, with tons of painful hangnails happening. Plus, my kettle-bells class has not been kind to my palms; I've noticed rough calluses forming.

That's why I decided to give the Karuna Hydrating+ Hand Mask a go.

This actually comes as a pack: one box contains eight sheets, allowing you four treatments for each hand. You can also buy them individually.

I was a little worried about it feeling gross or getting messy; I resigned myself to having to sit still for the entire time, unable to use my hands.

Turns out my fears were unwarranted. I'm actually typing this right now with the masks on my hands.

OK, back to my experience. I liked that these hand masks didn't stop me from doing anything. I probably wouldn't eat with them on because the fragrance, while lovely, is a bit strong. But I was able to text, use my computer, and even pet Doug. He was a little startled by the feel/sound of the gloves at first...

But he quickly resigned himself to his fate.

When I took the gloves off, my hands were pretty saturated but it only took a few minutes of rubbing them together for the serum to be absorbed. Calluses, rough cuticles, and dry skin were completely softened to the point of disappearing. Only a light fragrance and a bit of moisture were left over.

Here's my hand before:

And my hand after:

In the future, I plan on using these once a week while reading before bed. You can even wear them overnight, so I might try that next. Apparently there is a crinkling noise, but that won't bother me for obvious reasons.

If your hands are really dry and in need of some serious TLC this winter, don't hesitate to try a hand mask. They're really not inconvenient or uncomfortable like I thought they would be.

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. I can get down with zombie beauty the way "rmembrhalloween" describes it:

now you're making me want a lipstick that goes on bright "fresh blood" red and then gradually fades to a vampy rusty dried blood colour over the course of the day. bonus points if it gets more matte as it "dries"

2. "Lisafer" also had a good outlook on the upcoming zombie apocalypse:

Am I the only one who gets excited about the idea of the apocalypse for the beauty raiding opportunities? Like really, NO ONE is going to go for Sephora, Ulta, or makeup counters. So I'd totally plan to hit up those destinations and stock up on products that I love and try out products I've always wanted but can't afford in a non-looting economy. Just because the world is over doesn't mean one can't treat themselves. Not to mention all the hair, skin, and nail issues that will arise in that kind of situation, And let's not forget sunscreen.

3. "~sarah p." has the funniest story about her experience with Clinique Aromatics Elixir (I can relate, having done something similar with my aunt's red lipstick as a teenager):

I used to babysit for a family, and the mom's signature scent was Aromatics Elixir. She was young and hip and earthy, and, longing to be just like her, I would saturate myself in the scent just prior to getting paid and leaving her house. I often wondered why the gig paid so poorly, but as an adult, I am fully cognizant that it may have had something to do with the very obvious, very present "perfume tax" I was taking each time I walked through the door.

4. I don't own a cat OR any hair ties but this comment by "BlackDressFlatChest" still made me laugh.

When I grab a hair tie I just mentally accept that it is disposable, like a q-tip or a cotton ball. Why? Cats. Except instead of heading to Walgreen's to buy a new pack, I just move my couch and BAM. 20 more.

  • Have you ever tried a hand mask?
  • Do you give your hands some extra TLC in the winter? In what way?