Forget Bubble Tea—Tapioca Belongs on Your Face!

I found an incredibly useful (and cute) skincare kit with one of my favorite ingredients.
Publish date:
May 27, 2015
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I was first introduced to tapioca when I moved to downtown Toronto as a teen. My roommate introduced me to bubble tea, a cheap, sugary treat unlike anything I’d ever had before. Shops entirely dedicated to it lined my neighbourhood, and I loved it.

I’ve since associated this ingredient with the fun, chewy pearls piled up in the bottom of my favourite treat. I never would have thought I'd find it in some pretty unique skincare products, too.

During a stroll around Holt Renfrew, I noticed some adorable packaging that seemed sort of out of place in such a serious and fancy atmosphere. Closer inspection led me to find some seriously clever package design and a unique ingredient listed right there in the name: tapioca!

Kaia offers an amazing multipurpose product: a daily cleansing powder that can be used as makeup remover (when mixed with oil), a cleanser/exfoliator combo, or even a face mask. It comes in a super-convenient twist off pot that reminds me of my Make Up For Ever HD powder. Bamboo beads, tapioca starch, chickpea powder, coconut fatty acid, and white clay round off the ingredient list. And a heads up to my vegan friends: this product is totally vegan friendly and certified cruelty-free.

So, how do you use it?

To cleanse, all you have to do is wet your hands, tap some powder out of the tub, and blend to a milky consistency. Apply to your face and massage in a circular motion. Rinse. and you’re done!

To use as a makeup remover, replace the water with oil. They supply you with some moringa oil in this kit, but you can use whatever oil you’d like.

You can use this powder as a mask, too! I used slightly more of the powder than if I were just cleansing and added enough water to create a creamy consistency. I massaged over my face, avoiding my eyes, and let it dry. To rinse, I wet my hands and massaged the mask into my skin before rinsing.

I have never used a mask that has made my skin feel so clean yet soft. The best part about having the powder is the ability to control the consistency and what you mix it with, allowing you to totally customize this product!

The powder itself smells like light, sweet bamboo. It’s unique, but not overwhelming. The bamboo involved is pulverized into tiny balls, along with tapioca and chickpea powder, which are said to absorb oil. The white clay present creates that very light mask effect when the mixture is left on for a few minutes. Unlike a lot of “exfoliating” cleansers that have large beads or sharp bits that just feel like they’re scratching the surface of your skin, Kaia’s tiny bamboo spheres are very gentle, but still feel like they’re doing something.

I’m so happy I found such a unique, interesting product that actually lives up to it’s claims. The fact that it included an ingredient I already associate with something I love made it even more awesome. If you’re looking for a natural, cruelty-free product that you can totally customize, look no further!

  • Have you ever heard of Kaia before? Isn’t the packaging adorable?
  • Have you found tapioca in any other beauty products?
  • Is there an ingredient you never would have thought to find in skincare products before?