The Weird-Looking Pillow That Prevents Wrinkles

It’s more comfortable than it looks, and way more effective than a satin pillowcase.

I know a lot of women use satin pillowcases to help prevent wrinkles, but I just can’t bring myself to use one.

My reluctance stems from an experience in college. I hooked up with this guy, David, who had black satin sheets on his fraternity house bed. Just picture that for a nice, vivid moment: A 20-year-old frat guy’s misguided idea of sexy bedding in the middle of the sports-paraphernalia-encrusted, beer-scented testosterone lair. I was understandably traumatized.

I’d like to be proactive about my skin, though, and I don’t think the cotton pillowcases I got on clearance at Target are doing me any favors. Although genetics and good skin care have helped me fight off a lot of the signs of aging so far, life’s endless repetition is bound to catch up with my face sooner or later.

See, repetition is one of the main causes of lines and wrinkles. Making the same “emotion faces” (a word coined by Alle) over and over for years and years essentially creates deepening dents (aka expression lines) in our skin. Repetition also applies to the way we sleep: The compression of smushing our faces into a pillow for about a third of our lives can expedite lines and wrinkles.

I still can't shake the memory of those black satin sheets, so I’m going to try something even more effective--and decidedly less sultry--than a satin pillowcase.

No, this isn’t an ancient coliseum or a hot tub for Bratz dolls: this is the JuveRest pillow, and it’s going to help me continue getting carded for the rest of my life.

Sleeping on one’s back is already one of the best ways to prevent face-squashing, but this really well-thought-out pillow makes it even more effective. Your head stays cradled in the center while your neck is supported in such a way that it helps keep your spine aligned, like one of those chiropractic pillows.

Should you prefer sleeping on your side--and I do, when I’m not unwisely sleeping on my stomach--you can shift over to one of the step-like sections. Your neck stays supported, your shoulders have a nice little curve to fit into, and, most importantly, the different levels minimize contact between your face and the surface of the pillow.

And that’s the whole point: keeping your face as untouched as possible, like the precious, skin-covered Fabergé egg it is.

I thought it would be virtually impossible to get used to sleeping on the JuveRest pillow, but it was crazy-comfortable right off the bat. That’s partly due to the cover, made of a super-soft velour that feels like a combination of a Juicy track suit and a plush baby toy.

Technically, you could put another pillowcase on top of that cover, so if you’re really, really, really worried about sleep wrinkles, go ahead and put a satin pillowcase over it.

You won’t need it, though. With just the included elements, I’ve woken up with fewer face dents, less compression-related puffiness, and even less neck discomfort.

Do you tend to wake up with pillow-related lines? Would you consider investing in a preventative pillow like this?