Not Ready For A Tattoo? Try Jagua Gel Instead

If you’re into tattoos and have an artsy side, you should definitely try all-natural, temporary jagua gel.
Publish date:
February 26, 2015
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I love tattoos, but the process of getting one doesn't love me.

First off, I'm extremely indecisive--not ideal when choosing a permanent marking to put on your body. (How I've done it three times, I couldn't tell you.) Second: pain. While the tattoos I have weren't terribly painful, I dread getting a new one. Third: cost. I'm 20 and I work part-time at minimum wage; $100 for a new tattoo is not in my budget.

So I got smart and started researching alternatives. Of course I found henna paste, a beautiful part of Indian culture, but not really what I was looking for because of the color it leaves behind.

Then I discovered jagua gel, an all-natural black/deep blue dye made from an Amazonian fruit of the same name. Jagua tattoos are temporary and last about 10 days.

After reading reviews and watching YouTube videos, I ordered some to try. It took all of three days to get to my door (I assume because it is perishable), and as soon as I opened the package I got to work.

I followed the directions exactly, washing my hands well, towel drying them, and applying the gel in the design of my choice.

After letting it sit for two hours, I rinsed the dry, cracked gel from my hand and was a little discouraged: all that was left was a light gray-ish outline of what I'd drawn.

I referred back to the instructions, which told me the tattoo would develop within the next 24 hours. Eight hours later, it had darkened right up.

Next I decided to test jagua on other parts of my body. The chest pieces I did were magnificent, the two I did on my feet turned out the same as my hands, and the ankles seem to be a good location as well.

All of the jagua tattoos I’ve applied have turned out quite nicely. I am impressed by the quality of this product, and although I bought it in October, amazingly I still have some left.

If you’re into tattoos and have an artsy side, you should definitely try jagua. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to experiment with tattoo designs before you go under the needle. My kit was around $25 and included an ounce of gel, four different size tops for application, transfer designs, and transfer liquid.

You have complete customization over what you want to design and any leftover gel can be stored in the fridge. And because of its dark color, jagua shows up on every skin tone.

  • Have you ever tried jagua gel?
  • What tattoo or design is rolling around in your head right now?
  • Do you wish any of your permanent tattoos had been temporary?