Quick Question: Is It Possible For A Removed Mole To Become A Ghost And Haunt Me?

Publish date:
September 30, 2013
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Over the past 20 years, I've had two moles removed from my face for cosmetic reasons, and one for health concerns.

You can see them all in my goofy ninth-grade school picture:

So aside from the one next to my mouth that I've lovingly held onto, there's the big one right next to my nose, which was removed when I was 15; a small one on my lower chin, removed in my 20s; and a slightly larger one higher up on my chin, removed in my 20s--TWICE.

The one that needed to be revisited is the one that made me nervous. It used to behave like a typical mole, not vying for my attention with anything more than the occasional hair to be plucked. But in my mid-twenties, it started becoming inflamed two or three times a year, even bleeding randomly.

My dermatologist removed it at the surface and had it biopsied. The results came back benign. Yay!

A couple of years later, however, it had more or less grown back! And it was up to its old sporadic hemorrhaging shenanigans.

So I went back to the derm and had him remove both the lower chin one and the upper-chin one AGAIN, this time more invasively, to make sure he got everything.

It's been about four years, and the good news is, it hasn't grown back. The bad news: IT STILL DOES EVERYTHING IT USED TO.

Out of the tiny scar grows little hairs just like there's still a mole there! And what's worse: it STILL freaks out--getting inflamed and tender, bleeding, scabbing--a few times a year, including RIGHT NOW.

This is some act-of-god crap, amirite? I learned in Scream that the villain comes back for one last scare, so you basically have to kill it twice, and I DID THAT. But still, even with no actual mole there, it's misbehaving like whoa.

Quick Question: Is it possible for a removed mole to become a ghost and haunt me? Because it's really starting to feel like that. Has anyone else ever removed a troublesome mole only to have its worst traits continue on?