Would You Pay $30 for a Sheet Mask?

I did, and here are lots of before-and-afters because I love you guys.
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August 7, 2015
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Sheet masks usually cost anywhere from $1 to $3, and spending more than $10 often feels like a major splurge. I mean, it's a one time usage product that you keep on your face for 20 minutes tops.

You can imagine the way my face contorted when I came across Cle de Peau Beaute's set of Intensive Brightening Sheet Masks, which run you a spendy $150 for six.

Individually, the masks cost $30 a piece and are worn for 10 minutes. If you estimate a standard sheet mask at $3 per, you're looking at a product that costs 10 times as much. Upon realizing this, I quickly tried justifying the cost in my head.

  • Attempt at Justification #1: I'd certainly pay more than $30 for a facial, right? I mean, I'd pay up to $100 for a really good one. Counterpoint: a facial comes with the whole spa experience and lasts longer than 10 minutes. Counter-counterpoint: Not everyone has time for an hour-long facial.
  • Attempt at Justification #2: This is Clea de Peau Beaute, purveyors of luxury skincare products made specifically for affluent hedonists. Finding a product under $30 from a brand that sells a $775 face cream makes it feel like you're getting a killer deal.
  • Attempt at Justification #3: I'll try anything once. And I've spent $30 on worse.

The upper and lower sections actually contain different ingredients. According to the product information, both halves contain the following:

  1. Illuminating Complex: "creates perfectly aligned, illuminated skin cells"
  2. 4MSK: "eliminates dullness to create bright, even-toned skin"
  3. TMG: "promotes cell turnover to eliminate melanin from the skin"
  4. Tranexamic Acid: "improves mild skin inflammation"

The upper half additionally contains the following:

  1. Black Tea Extract: "helps create translucency"
  2. Vitamin E Acetate: "promotes micro-circulation in the skin"
  3. Raspberry Leaf Extract: "an antioxidant that reduces dullness in the T-Zone"

And the lower half:

  1. Apricot Nectar: "visibly improves look of pores"
  2. Chai Hu Extracts: "promotes collagen and Hyaluronic Acid production"
  3. Acqua-in-pool: "moisturizes and improves roughness"

Compared to other sheet masks, these are certainly more specialized and arguably more potent. They're made specifically to brighten and even the skin, reduce age spots, and minimize pores/uneven texture.

My experience was a pleasant one, as you might expect. Cle de Peau Beaute's sheet mask is not overly fragranced, and it cools and soothes the skin immediately. I applied it shortly after waking up, so that calming effect was nice. Additionally, compared to other masks, I found it easier to apply. I think that's mostly because the cloth was so durable (I often tear the <$5 masks) and because you apply it in two sections.

Afterward, I genuinely think my skin looked brighter, and it absolutely felt softer. To be fair, I often feel that way after using a sheet mask. On the other hand, I did feel a little more "glowy" than normal. I even asked my aunt, who I had coffee with an hour later, if my face looked particularly dewy or glowy or bright. "It does," she said. "But it usually does, anyway." Bless her.

Before and After

I took lots of before and after images for you. I'll admit it's hard for me to see a huge difference, but there's some improvement in skin texture and overall brightness, especially under the eyes. The question, though, is whether these slight improvements are worth a $30 disposable product.

Full Face

Left Side

Right Side



I'd like to see what happens after six treatments, which is what's recommended. I imagine there'd be a much more noticeable difference. But again, the question remains: Is it worth $150?

  • Thoughts?
  • Can you see a change?
  • Are you inspired to spend $30 on a sheet mask today?