This Drugstore Gadget is Giving My Skin the Deep Clean It's Been Craving

Say hello to my little friend.

I’ve tossed around the idea of getting some kind of facial cleansing brush for some time now, but I wasn’t exactly sure about the whole process. I pretty firmly decided against the Clarisonic (and brushes like it) because even after feeling the brush heads first-hand, I thought the physical exfoliation would be too rough for my skin.

After reading about it here and in other forums, I decided something like the Foreo Luna might be a better fit for me. Since it has silicone bristles, I thought I’d get that deep clean that I felt like I was missing out on and it wouldn’t be as harsh on my face. In looking at the price tag, however, I knew I was going to have to take a minute to really decide if it was for me.

Luckily I didn’t have to because Instrumental Beauty, sold at Rite Aid, has a similar product at a more affordable price!

The Instrumental Beauty Sonic Touch Cleansing System is a small, hand-held, two-sided silicon brush with two different vibrating settings. One side of the brush has very small, tightly packed silicon bristles that are meant to massage and deep-clean your face.

The other side has bigger and slightly more spread out silicon bristles that are meant to be used on the body.

I really like the simple design of this brush because I’ve always thought the Luna might be a bit awkward to hold, whereas this is shaped perfectly to fit in my hand.

I don’t play around with the speeds too much because I honestly like the feeling of the higher one for cleaning purposes. It vibrates pretty rapidly, but not so much that I feel like I’m taking a hammer to the face. I tend to reserve the slower speed for my weekly “spa” days because it provides a gentle facial massage that’s perfect for before I apply my masks.

I also really like that this is USB-chargeable so I don’t have to worry about keeping batteries on hand.

To use you just press and hold the on button briefly and move in circular motions. To change the speed you just tap that same button again (don’t hold) and it slips into the next speed. Finally, to turn it off you just press and hold that on button. Easy-peasy!

It says it’s gentle enough for twice-daily use, but I feel like once a day is perfect (my face can get a little sensitive if I do it twice). I typically use it at the end of the day to make sure I’ve gotten every last bit of makeup off my face, and it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.

  • Have you tried any Instrumental Beauty products before?
  • Are you a fan of face cleansing gadgets?