Indie Product Of The Week: Meow Meow Tweet Beer Shampoo Bar Soap

I live in Brooklyn, so obviously, I know indie.

One of the first comments that ever stood out to me here on xoVain was on one of our very first articles. A reader who wasn't really feeling the set where we shot Snooki's makeunder snark-ily said, "Marci Robin and her oh-so-hip Brooklyn aesthetic are what's truly on display," as if we'd shot it in my apartment, which, for the record, contains no taxidermy (that I know of).

I do live in Brooklyn, but I live a long and annoying G-train ride away from the aesthetically oh-so-hippest neighborhood, Williamsburg, and its increasingly Williamsburgian next-door-neighborhood, Bushwick, which is the home of Meow Meow Tweet.

Meow Meow Tweet, winner of Best Name of Anything Ever, is small-batch indie brand with vegan, organic priorities and gift-ready packaging.

One of those perfect-gifts-for-lazy-people-to-give products: Beer Shampoo Bar Soap.

It's shampoo! It's a bar of soap! It's... not beer. It contains beer, along with oils of the olive, coconut, hempseed, jojoba, grapefruit and rosemary variety, as well as shea butter and aloe vera powder. Don't melt it down and drink it.

In addition to cleaning your body, this combination of ingredients helps to soften and detangle your hard and tangly hair.

It's a little heartbreaking to unwrap such a cute presentation, but once you do, you've got a satisfying solid, aromatic (I can't quite explain it, but I'm getting sort of a citrusy licorice scent) block of multipurpose-ness you can't wait to put in your shower caddy and all over yourself.

And that's why it's our first-ever INDIE PRODUCT OF THE WEEK. Applause! Whistling! Group of hipsters ironically doing the wave!

There are a lot of indie brands in Brooklyn, so there's a decent chance this will be the first of many Brooklyn-bred products given this honor. But I'm not Brooklyn-biased! Tell me about your favorite indie beauty brands and products, and maybe you'll see them here in the coming weeks.